Change Your Life for Good!

Changes in life are necessary. All people want to make a change in life. Some of them want more money,  freedom,  time, more knowledge, much more energy, want to be healthier, to have a better physique… Few of them are aware how much control they have to make the desired change. Most of the people, not being satisfied with their lives. They blame the others for their dissatisfaction.  The circumstances, their boss, their wives, their husbands, the kids, their parents, the country, the government. People do not realize that they themselves are to blame, not someone else.

CHANGE? How?  Learn what are the 8 things self-respecting what people do.

The pattern of behavior, Actions that we carry out during the day, our thoughts are only learned habits. As a result, habits define us. Whenever we want to do something new to incorporate into our lives,  our sub-conscious mind rejects it. Therefore, any change undermines our security.  At first of all, because in order to make this change we have to get out of our comfort zone. And being out of our comfort zone can look scary and way too risky for our conscious mind.  Not being able to step outside of our comfort zone is the greatest risk of all. Because change is inevitable. Since you’re afraid of change you will  get stuck in everyday life

Building new habits are essential for growing into a well-matured person we all dream to be. After that period of doing an activity, it feels much easier to do it than not to do it. It’s in the habit loop that a new habit incorporates into our brain.

The habit loop has three phases:

1. Phase is when our brain becomes conscious about a certain behavior.

2. Phase-  this behavior start to applies

3. Phase is the routine. When we stick to this routine for days. Routine will become a formed habit and it can’t be forgotten easily since we are doing it mechanically.

Becoming aware of the habit loop is the first step into becoming aware of the control we can have over our lives. Therefore, our brain can control everything that happens to us by incorporating consciously healthy habits that will work for our own happiness.


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