Aromatic Skewers Of Chicken & Fish Rolls!

Aromatic chicken and fish rolls. Low-carb recipes


Aromatic chicken-Skewers of chicken meatballs with zucchini and peppers

Fragrant meal seems like it’s easy to prepare. At first of all, the preparation takes 25 minutes and bake 25 minutes.
Ingredients are:
At first of all, you need meat-500 grams of white chicken meat.Then 1 onion, salt, pepper, chopped parsley, 1 egg white, 1 small zucchini, 1 yellow pepper and finally 1 green pepper.

1. At first of all, grind the chicken white meat. Then add finely chopped parsley and spices to taste.
Since onions chop into small cubes fry them in a little oil and drain excess fat. Add to them a  chicken. From this mixture make balls. Add beaten egg whites to unite the mixture. With the egg white, the easier you’ll make the balls.
2. Since you finished with making balls, chop zucchini into thin slices. Roll up them as the array and chop peppers into bigger cubes.
3. At first Wooden sticks for barbecue immersed in cold water. Alternately relay: balls of meat and vegetables and put them in a pan for grilling and Pour a little oil.
4. About 25 minutes, bake at a reduced temperature. Therefore they will be golden. Serve with seasonal fresh salads.

2. recipe

Aromatic chicken – Fish rolls

This is one aromatic and tasty specialty with chicken.

Ingredients for 4 people are:

At first of all, you need 800 grams of thin fillets of catfish, 3 Price garlic, 3 tablespoons chopped parsley, 50 grams of green seedless olives, 150 grams of broccoli, 2 ounces vegetable soup, 5 tbsp olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, and pepper.


1. At first, place, flatten catfish fillets. To be thin to be able to skate.
2. Then, clean the broccoli and boil in salted water and squeeze excess water. Since you squeeze the excess water, you can make a mixture of spices.
3. Merge garlic, broccoli, olives and grated parsley. Add olive oil and spices to taste. Finally all shuffle.
4. Prepared filling coatings catfish fillets and roll it up. In all a roll on a stick a sprig of rosemary. Than twister them in foil.
5. In a larger pot, pour the soup vegetables. Therefore cook to boil. Add rolls inside and cook them for 10 minutes.
Drain them and put to cool off. Finally, remove it from the foil and sprinkle with lemon juice.



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