A delicious lunch Stuffed kohlrabi- low carbs!

A delicious lunch Stuffed kohlrabi low-CARBS!

At first of all, the kohlrabi gives a feeling of satiety, strengthens the immune system. They regulates metabolism and lowers bad cholesterol.
Ingredients for 4 people are:
At first of all you need a 4 Medium Kohlrabi, 1 onion, 1/2 leek, 1 price garlic, 500 grams mushrooms, salt, pepper, oil which is allowed.
The preparation of this delicious lunch is 30 minutes. Baking 20 minutes.

Preparation of this lunch:

1. Kohlrabi peel. Cut off the top Kohlrabi. Clean up its interior. Cook is in salt water for 10-15 minutes. To become soft.

Mixture for the filling:

2. Finely chop onions and leeks. In a little oil fry the onion and leek. Button mushrooms chop the leaves. Middle Kohlrabi chop into small cubes. Add mushrooms and middle Kohlrabi in oil. That all burns together with onions . Cook everything that the excess water evaporates and add spices to taste. Finally add at the end of finely chopped parsley.
3. Put the baking sheet for baking. Baking pan lubricates with oil. Therefore,Kohlrabi filled with the mixture. Pour a little oil and water. Bake. 15-20 minute lunch is over.
Finally, serve and enjoy the magic of smell and taste.


Especially relevant  for this food is a characteristic that can not be kept out of the refrigerator or freezer. Because it becomes woody, hard and tasteless. Because the freezer can be stored for several months. Therefore, it has few calories, gives a feeling of fullness that lasts for a long time. Since containing 6.2 percent of carbohydrates, 1.7 percent of fat and proteins in the trace it is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is even 78 percent of the recommended daily requirement. This is a very important detail, because vitamin  C  strengthens the immune system. Because that he regulates metabolism and neutralize the effects of free radicals.  Therefore, contains and thiamine, niacin, pantothenic and folic acid and vitamin B6. Most of the mineral is calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and manganese.


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