Ideas For Low-Calorie Meal

What is a low-calorie meal with few calorie? If you want to get a successful diet and you are looking for ideas or meals that are low in calories. We encourage you to read our advice and find out who all the meals are low in calories. In front of you is a list of meals that usually carry 200 or fewer calories.

It would certainly be something to eat at the same time not being calories bomb that will destroy the slender figure and put on some extra. In fact, we are constantly repeating that we need to eat less, but that does not mean I rarely. On the contrary, one should eat more often but small amounts of food so the total daily calorie intake being less. The pounds will not pile up, the metabolism will speed up. We’ll have enough energy to do all that is before us.

Oatmeal with fruit – low-calorie meal

For a healthy breakfast, there is probably no better thing than oats. One portion should consist of half a cup of dry cereal, which carries less than 150 calories. To this add a little milk or yogurt with a low percentage of fat, and let it rest. When the flakes are soaked in milk, they will swell and soften. U to add fruit after elections – banana is good for breakfast, or any type of corn. This will add sweetness, but also vitamins your breakfast.

Blueberries and low-fat yogurt like a low-calorie meal

Two of yogurt can vary greatly so we should be careful not to be one that does not have fat and not, for example, fruit yogurt with the assurance that we also get fruit and yogurt, because we ate it with sugar as we ate candy! Nonfat yogurt has only 80 to 100 calories, high in calcium and protein and almost no fat. This meal will give a half a cup of blueberries require fiber and antioxidants.

Food value:

120 calories, 15 grams protein, 0 grams of fat, 1.6 grams of fiber


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