Is it possible to love in the age of obesity!?

Love in the Time of obesity. Love is the only and main driver. I agree, but to enjoy the this feelings, we must first be satisfied with ourselves.

Is lying who ever says that physical appearance is not important. For my, first sight of the love of our potential a hundred is expensive eye, heart and will.

We all like to see nice and men and women.

We live in the 21st century, where the aesthetics of the price. Whether this is good or not, that’s how it is. I agree that, now a days that the value is disturbed, but to live and enjoy we have to adapt to society and time, that would not be rejected.

The woman must be beautiful, nice and loving. And for that she has to make an effort.

I’ll be extremely honest and open.

I am someone who has been through with this what I tell you, and I know that many women will be recognized!

Do you have extra pounds?

You are not happy?

Do you have sex?




You Tell Me honestly?!

“Turn off the light,” “Do not make me to undress”. “Please cover me,” “Do not look at me”, “Do not touch my belly”, “My head hurts,” . “I’m tired” … etc.

How many times have you missed a chance to enjoy making love? How much are you about that unfortunate?

I’m in that period, when I had a great excess weight, was much more self- conscious, frustrated, but I was not aware of that. I reckon that my boyfriend is with me still, that means he loves me, great! But not even a little super!

The guy did not give me that look, but not touch me.

And then love is suffering! But everything has its limits!

“The city is full of beautiful girls and handsome, but he chooses to be with me. I further! And if I’m fat! “- I was thinking then.

Then I turned on the red light and I said to myself: “This will not last forever! He loves me, but … “I chickened out.

Does not he deserve to have nice and beautiful woman and content? I have loved her still, and to make love to her!?

Do not I deserve to enjoy in that feelings that God has given me?

To enjoy have to be happy with yourself and your body.

Do something for yourself and your love!

Fall in love with his reflection in the mirror! I fight for it!

Love your own body!

Begin to make love, because then the world gets another dimension, a much more beautiful and happier!

Long live Love!


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