LCHF For Weight Loss – A Guide For Beginners

LCHF DIET for weight loss – a guide for beginners

Note: This is not a typical diet that tells you exactly what you are, how much and when you eat. This is an approach that requires a personal commitment from information gathering to implementation. Nobody can do it for you.

What say those who are a long time on Lchf diet

We who are for a long time to LCHF diet, we say that that is not a diet but a way of eating. Why? For the simple reason, that this diet is not perceived as “regime”. The term “diet” means food, and usually refers to a special, restrictive diet for the purpose of weight loss or treatment of certain diseases. But my LCHF diet, we do not feel that giving up something. We eat varied, not hunger, not weigh food or counting calories. Eat healthy and delicious, we feel great and actually enjoy the food more than before.

The emphasis on LCHF diet

I want to emphasize that the LCHF much more than a “diet” and a lot more than just reduce carbohydrate intake in order to weight loss. It is a way of thinking, the way of life and a global movement that is spreading in a growing number of developed countries. This is actually a return to the original right food as it was once, before the mass cultivation and industrial processing, while foods grown and prepared locally and organically, in a natural way, without toxic chemicals. It’s about diet as it used to, before the advent of “official dietary guidelines,” “pyramid healthy eating” and “experts” who tell us all that we need to eat to be healthy. It’s about diet as it was before the epidemic so-called civilization diseases and obesity.


However, many people are only the first time they hear about LCHF. Although we all we desire excellent health and high energy levels in your life. However, a very large number of people decided for LCHF primarily due to weight loss. It’s nothing strange because today we have – not hundreds – but thousands of happy, healthy and slender persons who after years of unsuccessful attempts and a variety of diets, I finally reached a slender line, with no starvation! That is why this post I dedicate this LCHF as a diet for weight loss.

Reduced carbohydrate

Reduced carbohydrate intake compensates for the increased intake of natural fat, no protein. Fats are those who do not consume enough food for all the wrong guidelines and hysteria about the cholesterol. So fat is not only not harmful but it is essential for good health. Fat provides energy, satiety, and important nutrients – fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K2, and essential fatty acids. These ingredients in the non-fatty food do not, are required to all biological functions in the body.

You do not need to be afraid not hesitate to fatty foods, but feel free to eat, and animal and vegetable fats. What is harmful artificial fat – refined hydrogenated vegetable oils, margarine and industrial products full of trans fat? Feel free to eat butter, bacon, fatty cuts of meat, egg yolks, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts. By eating more fat you will achieve the regulation of appetite and stabilize blood sugar.

When you change the diet to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase intake of healthy natural fats, there is a stabilization of blood sugar and thus insulin. Therefore, it’s to release fat and consume energy. No more falling blood sugar and frequent hunger. Therefore, many perceive that they and two meals a day enough. Therefore that is more than three times a day is really no need to eat. It comes to the regulation of satiety hormone and hunger hormone, an appetite calms down and the food portions tend to diminish. On LCHF actually eat less quantitative and you are not hungry.


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