Werewolf Diet- Off 3 Pounds In Just 1 Day!

A diet that has delighted women on the Internet! Did you try a werewolf diet that takes off 3 kg in just 1 day!

Popular at among the stars, say it is a werewolf diet is very fast and efficient! Here’s how to lose 3 pounds in 24 hours.


Werewolf Diet Secrets

This diet is also known as “werewolf diet”. It is basing on the following idea. The moon affects the water in our body in the same way as it affects the tides in the oceans. The month also can help in weight loss. Some nutritionists say that using this diet you can lose up to three pounds in 24 hours. Although there are countless variations Lunar diets. All variations is basing on the purification of the body fluid by using a few days a month or during a full or new moon.

Fans of this diet claim that the moon has the same gravitational effect on the water in the body as well as the water in the oceans. They say that this influence is greater during the full and new moon, causing the body to expel toxins that time. This allows an easier time losing weight. It is advisable that these days of drinking only water and juices.

The important fact about a werewolf diet

“It is important to start the diet the same day when the moon phase starts. If a new phase begins in the middle of the day, you can eat all you want to do that minute. Then start a regime that lasts for 24 hours,” say experts from the Moon Connection portal.

So it will be thrown out and the toxins that accumulate in the body due to unhealthy foods, poor digestion and stress. Therefore, detoxification will strengthen your immune system. In addition to these 24 hours can lose up to three kilograms because of the amount of water that you throw.

However, experts are divided in terms of diet. They say the following. If the Moon really has an impact on reducing the amount of water in the body, the effect is only temporary. Why? Because you will lose weight only if you lose excess body fat.

Any diet that restricts calories will result in weight loss. This is another of the diet to be followed only for a short period.


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