You Can Do It Alone – Useful Advice!

Very often we rush somewhere. At that rate, we happen to various errors. These tips will save time. You will exit the house without nervousness. This is a tricks how to remove stains from clothing and footwear !

loose buton

Secure overhanging the button with the help of nail polish  

Transparent nail polish can come to the rescue with loose button on his shirt. If you noticed that the thread relented and will probably come off button just dab a little thread with transparent varnish. This will prevent further unraveling.

remove stains

Remove Stains on shoes

Stains from suede shoes with the help of nail files – If you put on your suede have a stubborn stain that can’t be removed conventional cleaning, use a softer side of the nail file and file the stain out!

Remove water stains from leather shoes

If your boots to rest a few stains from water, snow, rain or salt easily restore shine to them with the help of vinegar. Old toothbrush, dip in white or apple cider vinegar and rub the stains. It will disappear before you know it!

Remove the black trace on the shoes with the help of Vaseline

This is really, really annoying! When you see the nude heels black trace simply crazy, right? Do not be despair! This problem is easily solved with the help of a cotton swab and petroleum jelly. Rub the black stain and will immediately disappear.

Replace the glow of leather footwear with the help of face creams  

Footwear, especially winter, must be regularly nurtured and maintained to last longer. If you do not have a specialized cream for footwear, simply use one for the face. Lubricate boots or shoes and rub them old towel to restore their luster!

Baking soda odor sport shoes

As soon as I kicked off my shoes in which trained sprinkle them with baking soda (inside). Because, It will absorb sweat and prevent the growth of bacteria that produce odors.

Restore gloss lacquered shoes with the help of window cleaners – just we choke out few products on something and rub shoes. Because, this will make her shine right back!


Correct bra with the help of plaster foot

In drugstores there are patches which are used to protect the foot in places where friction shoes carried out or there is a seam you pinching and poking. Therefore, the same patch can be using to retrieve the wire bras which you point.

Stop,, wire ” the sock to the aid of nail polish  

At first of all, this is perhaps the oldest trick! When you create a hole in the sock stop its spread down his leg with the help of clear nail polish. Apply a small amount to the edges of the hole and it will stop further ripping!

Take jammed zipper with the help of petroleum jelly  

When the zipper is fastened worst thing, you can do is to force you drag and trying to move it. Therefore, you just spoil everything and ruin your favorite jacket. Instead, the cotton swab, apply a little petroleum jelly but it rub the place where the jam.


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