Ideas For LCHF Breakfast

We all have different bodies, different metabolism and we are not all the same physical activity, so someone vase quantities were too much, but you obviously are not. Because of this do not weigh and measure food and I do not give any ready-made menus but keep saying that we should listen to your body. Look some ideas here.

Women are particularly prone to “nibbling” between meals. Because of that, many women rush to “permitted” by LCHF snacks. Therefore, they start trying out recipes for cakes and pastries. Of course, you then no weight loss.


Ideas for LCHF breakfast

  • At first of all, Eggs in a hundred ways: boiled, baked, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and vegetables … egg salad and vegetables with avocado, shrimp, tuna …
  • Do you like muesli? Prepare LCHF muesli-mishmash: chop the almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and/or a variety of seeds, which you can bake in the oven for 10 minutes at the lowest temperature. Mix all ingredients and store in a glass container. Eat breakfast with sour cream and homemade kefir. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • Mixed berries with sour cream, paprika and sour cream, whipped cream, cottage cheese, cheese.
  • LCHF bread or bagel with butter, cream or some good cheese and some vegetables.
  • Dried meat, if you have the home without chemicals: ham, bacon, sausage, greaves, some vegetables.
  • Excellent breakfast can be any remains of yesterday’s lunch or dinner, perhaps pieces of meat or chicken with a local mayonnaise and some vegetables.
  • Homemade pate of tuna, chicken or homemade liver pate.
  • Freshly blended smoothie – mushy vegetable juice.
  • Egg, milk, and cookies from the seeds.

Therefore, ┬áif you’re not hungry – skip breakfast. LCHF Golden Rule: Eat when you’re hungry, eat until you get tired, but do not overeat. Listen to your body.

Why I love LCHF diet?

  • No measurements servings
  • We do not measure the calories
  • No looking at the scales
  • No matter what time of day/night

I eat when I’m hungry, and while the more did not.


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