5 – 2 Fast Diet – The Experience And Recipes

How effective are  5-2 fast diet

In the past year, 5-2 fast diet awakened great interest and attention of people around the world. First of all, we know how many other diets really work exhausting. They requiring strict adherence to some norms that simply do not fit your body. And you do not move at the end of the scale on the scale in that direction that you want.

If you are tired of experimenting and unsuccessful attempts to lose weight! We will present you a diet that is not too different from the everyday habits of the average man when it comes to food. It is not restrictive and, most importantly, it gives excellent results.

What kind of seven-day diet is actually working?

The name itself 5-2 diet means that it comes a whole week day, during which five days you eat the foods you normally consume, and during the two days reduce the intake of foods and their caloric value at a low level. If you do this seems strange and confusing, really do not need to worry, because in fact it only takes during these two days that represent a specific type of subject.

The principle of this diet is to reduce calorie intake, which are the biggest culprits for the deposition of fat in the body. During the five (ordinary) days, it is necessary that their level is 2000 kcal for women and 2400 kcal for men a day. Of course, not strictly necessary to count every calorie and it is quite normal that sometimes partially move the figure. As far as the food is concerned, it must be varied, so that your body has enough vitamins and minerals which are responsible for its proper functioning. Therefore, the diet does not mean starvation 5-2 or waiver of the favorite foods!

The hardest part OF 5-2 fast diet

The hardest part, of this diet, are fasting days. First of all, you need to know that just keeping the classic subject for the human body represents the healthiest and most natural way of cleansing the body of toxins, without any adverse consequences, including the need to observe this period the child.

Select any two days a week that will be reserved for the post, because you will be allowed to enter the 500 calories (for women) or 600 calories (for men). It is important that those days are not connected to one another, but between them is a gap of at least 24 hours. To help determine which foods are the most fit into these frameworks below will give you an example of how the regular menu, as well as for lean days that we recommended diets 5-2.

Of great help to you if you can be physically active, so apply some form of aerobic exercise, cycling, as well as daily walking. Of course, it is essential that daily enter at least 2 liters of water, which will provide regular hydration of the body, and consumption of alcohol would be desirable to completely eliminate during the application of this diet.

How should look like 5-2 fast diet during regular days

As we have already mentioned, during the five days of this diet you can eat the foods you normally consume. But only daily intake should be 2,000 calories for women and 2400 kcal for men. How could you do this succeeded, and you do not have to bother counting calories. All you need to do is pay attention to the fact that less typing artificial sugars, fats, and alcohol.

Nutrient rich foods:

  • that is rich in easily digestible fiber, protein, and if you are a lover of sweets, natural sugars.

As always, adhere to the principle that you have three meals a day. Because diets 5-2 gives the best results if you just do not skip meals and time yourself through your body to properly digest all the food. Healthy snacks are of course desirable. But choose a fruit or a cup of low-fat yogurt.

Avoid so-called fast food. Because she is very unhealthy and harmful to your blood vessels. Why? Due to the fact that such foods prepared in oils that are saturated and are not changed regularly. You will be delighted by the fact that the diet allows 5-2 during the regular days you eat a piece of cake. You can eat too some chocolate or homemade ice cream. It’s good to have one of the sports or physical activity to your body used up all the energy entered through food.

Adjust the menu for 5-2 two meatless days

Fasting days of  5: 2 fast diet for some people are a real challenge. The daily intake – 500 calories for women and 600 for men, maximum. At first glance, this may seem quite difficult to get through a whole day with such small energy values. However, it is not impossible.

During these days for breakfast you can eat:

  • nonfat yogurt, boiled eggs, apples, oranges, a piece of black bread, an omelet of two eggs, grapefruit;


  • soup from the pouch, smoked salmon, cauliflower, tuna salad, tomato, chicken breast;

For dinner:

  • rice, eggplant, peas, asparagus, a cube of cheese or salmon.

To illustrate the ways in which you can prepare your meals during these two days. Therefore, we’ll give you meal suggestions to help you meet your daily needs. And at the same time, you will not feel hunger, not for the unpleasant fatigue.

If it happens during the lean days exceeding the limit of 500 calories, you need not despair. It is normal that during this period enter up to 700 kcal because it will not have a big impact. However, please note that you this is not a regular habit. But strive to hold the prescribed daily amount of calories. The 5-2 fast diet is effective only if you have a strong will. Therefore if you are persistent in order to get rid of excess weight.

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