Meals With Few Calories For 5-2 Diet

Recipes for meals for 5-2 diet

Recipes for the first fasting day of 479 calories

To start your first day of fasting, dieting 5-2 suggests the following daily menu

Recipes for Breakfast: 94 calories

Prepare an omelet from two eggs and add a few leaves of spinach. This meal will provide you with a sufficient amount of protein, healthy cholesterol, fiber and iron which are a great combination for a healthy start to the day.

Lunch: 132 calories

Chicken soup, which requires only ten minutes for preparing. You will need to obtain 30 grams of Japanese seasoning, which can be found in health food stores. Then one chicken fillet, garlic clove, half a teaspoon of ginger, shiitake mushrooms 8 (or ordinary button mushrooms), soy sauce, if desired, and a quarter of cabbage heads.

Put 0.6 liters of water to boil and add the seasoning. All gradually add the remaining ingredients and allow to heat for about 10 minutes. Then add the chopped kale and cook for 3 minutes, after which you can you serve the soup.

Snack: 42 calories

For this snack you can use two mandarins that you propose diets 5-2, as they will all vitamins and natural sugars eliminate the possible occurrence of hunger.

Dinner: 211 calories

For dinner we suggest tasty and easy meal that is very popular in Mediterranean countries, but it is a tomato stuffed with rice on the Moroccan way. For its preparation it takes about half an hour, but you will definitely enjoy it. It is necessary to obtain four large tomatoes, a flask, two tablespoons pine nuts, one onion, 6 dried apricots, 250 grams of cooked rice and Mediterranean seasoning if desired.

Preparing the recipe:

Preheat oven to 200 degrees, and during that time, wash and cut the tops of tomatoes so that the upper part of the left that serves as a cover. The interior carefully scoop out with a spoon and make sure you save it to mix with the other ingredients. In a frying pan pour a little olive oil and add the grated flask, pine nuts, finely chopped dried apricots and spices. This mixture fry in oil for about five minutes, then add the central part of the tomato and leave it for about a minute on the fire, and then remove. Add cooked rice to the pan and stir to unite all nice. Take a spoon and fill the tomatoes with this mixture and place in a baking pan to bake 15 to 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Other fasting day: 493 calories

For the second day of fasting diets 5-2 recommends the following recipes:

Breakfast: 94 calories

Make a mixture of 4 cleaned and chopped almonds, an tablespoons raisins and half cup fat free Greek yogurt (or a whole cup of kefir). Fibers and bacteria will start and prepare the digestive system, a natural sugar from grapes sufficient amount of energy.

Lunch: 107 calories

Spanish tortilla with Jerusalem artichoke is the right choice for a healthy and light lunch that will also saturate. It is necessary to obtain 300 grams Jerusalem artichokes, 500 grams larger potatoes, garlic one, six eggs and parsley if desired.

First clean the Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes and cut them into cubes, then add them to the pan with a little olive oil and fry over medium heat. Then add the garlic, a little salt and cover for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a large bowl, add them to the mixture from the pan and stir well. In the larger pan add a little olive oil and warm over medium heat. Then add the weight of the container in it and sometimes with a spoon remove the edges of the pan. After five minutes, reduce the heat and cover the appropriate cover and leave for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then remove from heat to a little rest and when cool enough to hold the lid and flip the pan so that the tortilla remains on the cover.

Snack: 42 calories

Same as in the previous lean day, you can use two mandarins.

Dinner: 250 calories

Prepare chicken breast with paprika. You need to get:

  • a half chicken breasts,
  • one red and one green bell pepper,
  • 250 ml chicken stock,
  • salt, pepper, oregano
  • and 1 teaspoon of density.

Chicken with salt and pepper to taste, and in a larger pan heat the oil. Then add the meat and brown it on each side for 5 minutes until it takes on rosy color. Then take it out and put in a larger dish and cover.

Both the peppers, wash, clean well and cut them into cubes. In another pan, add chicken broth and let it boil, then you should add the oregano and paprika. Cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Starch prepared in a separate bowl with 2 deciliter water. Then add it to the pan and let it boil stirring constantly. After two minutes, remove from heat the pan and pour the sauce over the chicken and serve.


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