The Diet Based On Bananas

The founders of banana diets is pharmacist Sumiko and her husband Hitoshi Watanabe from Japan. They lost as much as 18 kilograms. Following this success, diet published on the most famous Japanese Mixi social website. Where it rapidly expanded and is updated almost daily with new tips.

For what is good banana diet?

This diet is good for those who will not bother too much with certain diet plan. Who read books about it, how to prepare special dishes or even exercising.

The diet is based on the fact that you eat bananas in the morning and during the day you drink lukewarm water. Those who have been on a diet say they are already seeing the first results after two weeks.

Celebrity nutritionist Kerri Glassman expressed their opposition to this diet plan, and such a diet. It is believed that the menu should include a variety of foods. Therefore is not to be based on a banana as a magical food.

Banana is, for her, great foods that should be included in the menu. But that is not a magical recipe for losing weight.

He also believes that this diet can favorably affect a few people, who eat a lot of sugar or eating due to emotion. But that most of them it will not work. You can’t eat what you want, without any limitations and without exercise. Therefore, and even how to lose weight.

Banana for breakfast:

You can eat more than one banana in the morning, but do not overeat. Eat only raw bananas that are not frozen. You can replace them and some other fruits. If you’re still hungry for 15 or 30 minutes after you eat a banana, you can eat something else. Sometimes ate a scoop of rice, while some forum members suggested oatmeal.

Normally eat for lunch and dinner:

Dinner should be up to 18 hours. And if this is not possible, make sure you certainly not after 20 hours. Diet is not limited to certain foods, that you should eat for lunch or dinner. Why? Because it does not like the strict rules of diet and so wants to avoid the feeling of deprivation. At the forum there are a few tips – eat less rice and avoid fried food.

Tips for banana diet

  • It is not good to eat dessert after a meal. All meals should eat until you feel full, so you do not come to overeating. Therefore, is no wonder that the Japanese conduct with regard to time have a saying. “The stomach eight-tenths full, do not need a doctor.” Also, meals are entered in small bites, chewing slowly.
  • The only drink that should not drink with most meals is water, and it can enter without restrictions on the amount. The water should be at room temperature. In her entry, make sure that you drink it in small sips to avoid flooded food.
  • Between meals, you can drink non-caloric beverages, like unsweetened tea, coffee or dietetic drinks. But you must drink water.
  • Not recommended for frequent consumption of milk. Alcoholic beverages, wine or beer, you can drink occasionally, for special occasions. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided.
  • The snacks would be best to eat a piece of fruit, you can possibly little chocolate or biscuits, if you receive a desire for sweets.
  • After dinner, if you are hungry you can take a piece of fruit, but it will not be a habit.
  • At bedtime should go up to 22 hours. And in any case no later than midnight.

Make sure that you since last meal and going to bed allowing at least 4 hours (so be careful when you are having dinner depending on when you go to sleep).

Principle of banana diet

Principle banana diet is that you do not have to force you to exercise if it causes stress. However, it would be at least a daily walk.

How is this diet quickly began to spread the Internet, many Japanese are regularly write posts on forums and blogs about diet they hold, what they eat and how much weight they lost, and thus are giving each other support and advice.

What has proved to be very effective in conducting a diet is free, is conducting on-line diary weight loss on specialized forums for weight loss. American Institute of Health in its six-month study found the follow.  Individuals who write such a weight loss diary, lost an average of 7 pounds more than those who did not take such a diary.

“The point of log weight loss is that the person much more difficult to make mistakes in the implementation of the diet when their progress followed by other forum users. Besides often proves how important support in some moments of people who have a similar problem, “said Bill Brogan, a doctor at the said institute.

Our recommendation is weight It is the first specialized forum for weight loss. It is supported by the users themselves. There you can get answers to your questions from doctors, nutritionists and kinesiologists.



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