What Are The Main Benefits Of A Diet Of 7 Days

The 5-2 diet, have a lot of benefits on our body.

What are the main benefits of a diet of 7 days

  • Analyses of British experts have established that this diet can help you improve your memory. Therefore, and in extreme cases can prevent the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Fasting days have a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It’s helping the intestines to rest from digestion and better absorption of nutrients pots.
  • Diet 5-2 helps accelerate metabolism. Because of that many nutritionists believe that this may result that the extension of life expectancy.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, especially diabetes type 2 diabetes.
  • It works on revitalizing your body. Because diets 5-2 decreases hormone levels that lead to accelerated aging, causes the body to the elimination of toxins,. That significantly reduces the possibility of contracting malignant diseases.


Important notes and advice

Make sure that after the lean days do not exceed the planned caloric intake. Otherwise it will be a binge that will shock the body and result in unwanted weight gain.

The diet should be rich in foods that contain vitamins and minerals. Why? In order to avoid the occurrence of side effects such as insomnia, bad breath, dehydration, anxiety and so on.

It is not advisable to apply 5-2 diets in pregnancy. Because it can have negative consequences both for the mother and the child.

People suffering from Type 1 diabetes is also not advised use of this diet. Why? Because it can act after exhausting their body.

Diet 5-2 is for those who need to lose weight before surgery, while the other side is not recommended for people undergoing post-operative period and recovering from intervention.

This diet is one of the simplest.  Can then apply both women and men, and gives results that are quite surprising. The fact is that you follow a diet free method will be 5-2 but for five weeks will bring results. You can weaken and up to 6 pounds. And most importantly, the pounds will not come back because there is no appearance of yo-yo effect! You are, in fact, only during the lean days on a diet that you have during the rest of the week on a regular diet.


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