How To Remove Stains From Fruit To Children’s Clothes?

Children often get dirty with fruit juice or fruit that spilled on clothing. Some fruit stains are removed very difficult, but there are some little tics that could help.

fruit stains

One possibility is a mix of lemon juice and the alcohol vinegar in relation 1: 1. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab on the spot and after a few minutes the clothes wash with detergent and water, or insert into the machine.

You can try and so that the stain sprinkle with salt and is rinse in cold water, then wash in warm water with a mild detergent or in the dishwasher.

Another, one of the tips is and rubbing a mixture of alcohol and water in the ratio 3: 1.

You can rub the stain with liquid with glycerine, which will leave to work effect overnight, or moistened with diluted acetic acids.

One of the possibilities and the soda and you need to rub the stains. Then leave it to act for some time. If the stain is stronger, then leave the barrel at least two hours.

Note about fruit stains:

Stains from fruit, should immediately, while they are still fresh sprinkle with salt rub with lemon juice and then rinse well with water. When you remove these stains should be taken of the material pieces is concerned, it will depend on this and the cleaning process as well as the resources that should be used.


How to remove fruit stains on the canvas and white underwear?

It must at all costs try to remove these stains before washing machine, otherwise the stain will remain. If the stains are still fresh of the fruit, with the success we can use sweet or sour milk, whey, salt and lemon juice. Well saturate the stain milk or whey, and lemon juice. Then, to place salt and exposed to sunlight.

Another way is that the material is stained dip 2 to 3 hours in cold water and then 1 hour in warm water. After this the soiled place a strong need to pour hot vinegar and rinse well with water.

If the stains from fruit older, however, difficult to remove, or derived from the fruit of which is difficult to remove stains, such pear, then we should resort to sulfur dioxide. Material with a damp stain should be well tightened while below, under the stain, put a container in which it had previously put a little sulfur to be burned. Stain will under the influence of sulfur rapidly disappear. The place where the stain will show yellow or yellowish color, this can be removed by rinsing in tap water.

Have a fruit stains on the materials of wool!

Stains on the clothes of wool is difficult to clean. Part of the stain put it in soapy water and add a few tablespoons of ammonia. Leave to rest after the wash with warm water. If the material of wool is in color and if it is certain that the color stable, rub the stain with citric acid and rinse well with plain water.

How to remove fruit stains on the material of silk?

You should first try to clean with alcohol. A piece of material of pure cotton, saturate it with alcohol and rub the stain. If this does not help, soak the stained place directly on Alcohol and this place made even add a mixture of 5 grams of citric acid and 50 grams of boiled and cooled water. This left to act for 5 minutes and then rinse with water. If such traces remain, the procedure must be repeating until the stain disappears completely. If the stains from fruit on silk white or color that is stable. Therefore, then to remove stains use the mixture made from:

  • 50 grams of ammonia,
  • 50 gamma plain,
  • boiled water and
  • 5 grams of hydrogen super oxide.

Soak the stain in this solution and leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.


Fruit stains on the material of cotton?

In the case where the material is white in color, a fresh stains. Therefore, rub the stain with lemon and then wash with warm water. When is older stains, then we using a  hydrogen peroxide, in which we must add a little ammonia. The stain should be thoroughly saturate the city and later to wash with water. Stains, we can remove and washing in warm soapy water. In this water add a little hydrogen peroxide. If the cotton material in color, if it comes to colorful cotton fabric! In this case we using the hot milk, and soaking cloth and then wash with water. It is also an effective mixture of the alcohol, glycerin and water. They fill place with the stain, then wash warm water.


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