13 tips on how to enter 500 calories less and lose weight 1 pound in a week without starvation

13 tips to enter daily to 500 calories less and lose kilogram per week

The formula could not be easier: one kilogram a week you can lose if every day you enter 500 calories less. This does not mean that you have to frantically count calories, but it will be enough if you include in your daily habit the following simple advice.

Tips for healthy weight loss


1. advice – Eat eggs for breakfast

For breakfast, eat two boiled or poached eggs that will fill you up enough. In this way, you will for the rest of the day at about 415 calories less. Therefore, for lunch, you can start with a low-calorie soup, and later you will eat about 130 calories less.

2. Avoid carbonated drinks

In 1 cup of soda can be over two hundred calories. Therefore, instead of carbonated drinks quench your thirst with a water.

3. Enjoy buying groceries and preparing meals

Spend an hour in the grocery shopping, store them when you get home, spend two hours preparing nice lunch/dinner, set the table and serve food – and you lose even 640 calories.

4. Eat less pasta

A serving of pasta should be the size of a fist and usually served in two, three or even four times larger portions.

 5. Containers with food on the stove

Pots, pans, and containers with food do not put on the table where you eat because it will “entice” to take a second helping. Place the food on a plate, a bowl, leave on the stove.

6. Eat from a small plate

If you eat from smaller plates, you’ll eat 20 to 25 percent less food, or up to 500 calories less, and you’ll feel just as satiated.

7. Avoid nuts

The nuts contain healthy fats for your heart, but also a lot of calories. For example, in the oil palm roasted nuts can hide up to 180 calories. If you can’t resist them eat pistachios. Two hands pistachios have about 160 calories.


8. Do not eat in front of TV

While eating in front of the TV, you can eat up to 300 calories. Therefore, eat at the table, a quiet hour of watching TV replace with walking. This will bring about 530 calories less.

9. Limit the number of guests

According to some studies, if you are eating in the company of seven or more people can eat up to 90 percent! Therefore It’s like to eat a double portion. Therefore, if you have a fewer people on dinner you’ll eat  500 calories less.

10. Leave something on your plate

About 25 percent, of the food that you have on a plate, leave on your plate for lunch the next day. If you usually enter the daily two thousand calories or more – this way, as a result you enter 500 calories less.

11. tips – Avoid popcorn at the movies

A Large serving of popcorn seasoned with butter purchased in any theater can contain up to a thousand calories. You should ” smuggle ” fat-free popcorn at the movies which you’ve made at home. Therefore, you enter up to 700 calories less.

12. Do not starve than eat

Starvation does not lead to weight loss (healthy). You should get enough water and food rich in fiber – fruits, vegetables, and grains. And the fruit or vegetables can be a nice snack.

13. Get some sleep

 Especially relevant is the fact that the people who daily sleep about five and a half hours, eat more, prove the research. Therefore, if you sleep between seven and eight hours a day and can store up to 1,000 calories less.


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