Homemade Whey Protein! What Is It? Refreshing Protein Shake Recipe

Several methods to create whey protein

whey protein

Whey protein is a healthy, refreshing protein shake. There are several recipes on how to make the whey protein- simple and they’re a bit more complicated.

Whey provides the so-called healthy bacteria for digestion and is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is Perfect nutritious food, especially for those who want to build and strengthen the muscle tissue. It contributes to the prevention of muscle atrophy.


Homemade whey protein recipe

Many hardworking housewives are probably already familiar with this recipe, but we are here to remember. At the same time, you say whey and cheese. You only need a fattier milk is not pasteurized and not homogenized (preferably homemade).


Put it in a larger pot and slowly warming up to the high temperature. But keep in mind that it must not boil. You just have to be hot. You can put your finger in the milk, but not to burn yourself. In a separate bowl add 1 cup of sour cream or 1 cup of yogurt and pour over it a little hot milk. Then stir, and continue to pour warmed milk with constant stirring. Leave at room temperature, place the pots over a wooden spoon and cover with gauze.

The next day you can get sour milk. Place it in a large pot on the stove to a lower temperature and slightly warming up for few hours. Remove from heat. So when the little cool place in a container that you have coated gauze and squeeze out the whey and disconnect cheese. Put whey bottles and keep in the fridge.


Whey protein made with a rennet

A simpler and faster process is to make rennet whey. You can find a rennet in well-stocked supermarkets or agricultural dealers. Prepare 4 liters of milk, 2 tablespoons of rennet and a little salt (for cheese). Heat the milk, put the rennet and stir. Leave in a warm.  After a couple of hours (or when a sour milk), remove it and put in a bowl. You bowl lined with gauze. Lift the ends of gauze and drain well cheese (squeeze her hands), or let it drip into the pan. Therefore, the resulting liquid is whey, a move the cheese in a bowl and season with salt to taste.

With lemon and vinegar

At half-liter soft, you will need 4 teaspoons lemon juice (fresh squeezed) or vinegar. You can take advantage of even the orange juice up for a slightly different taste. Therefore, if the curd is slowly created, add a little citrus juice if desired. Put the milk on the stove to boil, stirring occasionally. When a boil, turn off the oven but leave the pot near a heat source that gently cools. Immediately pour the vinegar or lemon juice. Sour milk is quickly made. Therefore, strain it and make whey protein as in previous recipes.


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