Egg – Protein Hair Treatment

With natural hair masks I experiment a long time. I started from the early teenage years. So I have a bulky length of service when it comes to trying out natural recipes. Like now Egg – Protein Hair Treatment.

 On the other hand, I understand the people who look at me weird about it. It’s OK if you have hair, then you may not understand why someone would not have worked at all this :). But if you have dry, then you’re probably a little clearer. I’m a natural mask used with great success and consider them good because they are caring for your hair while you have full control over the ingredients. No harmful substances that already consume every day in different ways.

egg protein hair mask

About products for Reconstruction and protein treatments I wrote in this article. Use the egg as hair masks is a way to perform protein treatment at home and cheap alternative way to give your hair strength and shine. The egg is a bargain then the math is clear.

The egg contains a lot of protein and has s conditioning effect on the hair. It is rich in vitamins A, D and E (vitamin A fights free radicals, vitamin D promotes hair growth and vitamin E increases the absorption of oxygen and improves circulation). Yolk makes the hair shiny and after treatment the hair looks thicker.

For this egg mask you need :

  •  egg (or two), a fork, or any container for torture, kitchen towel and plastic foil.
  • If you have long hair to his ears is enough to have one egg. And if you have hair down to mid-back you need two. I have long hair so I used two.

Whisk the eggs with a fork.


The infliction the mask of egg

Divide the hair into sections buckle (I have divided into two – upper and lower) and apply a scrambled egg. First, I inflicted on the lower part of the hair and then the upper. I recommend that all of you are doing this in the bathroom (over the tub), because the procedure is a little “messy”. On the back you can put a towel in case something dripping etc.

When you apply the mixture, wrap head with plastic wrap. If you do not have the adhesive plastic foil can use ordinary bag. When you put the film (or bag), put a towel over it and let stand for 30 minutes. Due to the heat that is created in this way cuticles will be more open and treatment will be better received.

Washing procedure

Then wash your hair with shampoo you normally use and put a light moisturizing conditioner (because it can sometimes happen that a piece of “hardened” for proteins in the egg) to soften it further. When washing, do not use excessively hot water is already lukewarm. What I felt when washing (and I have this feeling with each package) is that my hair under your fingers were incredibly soft.

Effect of mask

The – hair looked stronger effect without any hindrance. Because there was no oil in combination. As my natural hair, only stronger. She looked great and supple. I do not claim that this is a universal solution for every hair or my (dry, porous, damaged) protein treatment in the form of an egg really feels literally changed some much more expensive products for the restoration of damaged hair. On the Internet, opinions are quite divided. There are those who are enthusiastic and who regularly use this mask and there are those who think that eggs Place in a bowl and not on the hair.


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