The Best Exercise For The Chest Muscles

Simple and effective exercises for the muscles of the chest with the help of your attributes that will femininity longer you stay in good shape. The ideal of female breasts are those that retain the shape, regardless of body movements.

The best sport, for toning the chest, is swimming. Therefore, if you do not have a chance to often go to the pool, there are exercises that you can work at home.


Note: To maintain firmness of your breasts during physical activities sure to wear good quality sports bra that will prevent them from relaxing.

For beautiful and of firm breasts, practice the following exercises. Because, It can perform at home.



Pushing wall – exercises

Stand facing a wall and lean on it with both hands, which should be at shoulder height. Stand facing a wall and lean on it with both hands, which should be at shoulder height. You make moves like the classic push-ups, you will receive your upper body toward the wall and moves away, bending elbows and giving. Repeat the exercise 12 times and do it three times a week.

 Touch elbows

Stand your body. Bend your arms at the elbows and put your fingers on your hips. Pass your left hand behind your back and try to touch your right elbow. Work slowly this exercise. The movement is as if you are stretching, no sudden movements. Hold this position for 10-15 sec. Then relax, shake their hands. Therefore, repeat the exercise again – 10 repetitions.


Pushing hands

Connect your palms in front of the chest and push each other as much as you can. Slide 3-5 sec, then relax. This exercise has 8-10 repetitions.


Simulate swimming on dry land. Stand against the wall and lean your back. Tighten your pelvic muscles and make movements like swimming breaststroke. Do 100 strokes but slow. Chest muscles are tense during the Doing this exercise.

Balancing with a book

Take a thick book and put it on your head. Take a walk with a book on your head, at home and attempt to keep his balance. If you can’t walk, then stand. Therefore, this exercise is very effective for relaxation and proper body position.


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