A Clean Home Without Chemicals

You can clean your home the products that already have at home. Let me introduce you to some of the ideas, which are used by our grandmothers.


Vinegar as your ally in the cleansing

Vinegar is great for removing oil stains and odors. Lemon juice can serve the descaling.

The kitchen is dirty again! In the bathroom is a mess! The next move is going to the nearest store. You return from the store with a bag full of cleaning products. On account is the large figure. All these funds are not even a little cheap. Now, a little sit down and think. How people lived in another time when there was not magical cloth and bangs, which make every space sparkling done? Consider how much this means to clean harmful to the environment. But not only for the environment but they are harmful for your health.

The solution for a clean home, with smaller accounts, there naturally. For example, vinegar is good for removing oil stains and odors. Vinegar is ideal for cleaning window panes and a fridge. Therefore, from industrial vinegar, it is much better domestic vinegar. Domestic vinegar also can buy in the store. With vinegar can be cleaned and burnt oven. It is also good to clean the drains, but must first warm. With it, you can disinfect sinks and worktop in the kitchen. If you add to it a few drops of lemon juice, you will have a good refresher. With the help of vinegar can be solved and calculus. Try to clean the tiles. Mix a little vinegar with plenty of water and clean the wood surface. Wooden surface will then shine. Also, vinegar is good for dishes. Use it when you clean the timber in which you are chopping food.


Clean home with lemon

Besides vinegar, solution for odors has and lemon juice. Besides, what is healthy and beneficial for the body, the scent of lemon gives freshness to any space. Mix lemon juice and some essential oil and thereby clean the tub and even a bathroom. Lemon juice cleans and scale deposits. Lemon juice can also be used to disinfect your microwave oven. And if you leave the rind of the lemon that dries, you will get the overwhelming odor.

Burnt pans, pots, dishes and everything else, you can clean the mixture of baking soda and water. Therefore, Soda is good for cleaning the glass surfaces.

For cleaning wood surfaces, flooring, tables … You can also use sunflower oil. Except that removes dirt, sunflower oil gives the natural glow of wood. Therefore, for such a glow products are really expensive.

For cleaning all surfaces in the house, you can melt the natural soap in a little water, and wipe them out.

Now start with cleansing and enjoy 🙂


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