Say Goodbye To Unpleasant Morning Breath

Unpleasant morning breath is a very common phenomenon and its causes may be numerous.
It could be chronic sinusitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes. This causes increased secretion of mucus in the nose. The smell caused many physiological and pathological factors: food, smoking, dental caries, gum disease, diseases of the sinuses and respiratory tract. Therefore: diabetes, the use of certain drugs … In most cases, you can solve that with good oral hygiene.
Mucus down the throat at night and it is deposited. As in a dream not coughing and do not remove the grout in any way, he begins to degrade, which causes an unpleasant odor.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or restore acid and food from the stomach into the esophagus can also cause an unpleasant morning breath.
If you belong to a group of people who eat late and you have a weak stomach sphincter of the stomach content will overnight pour, into the esophagus, and its odor reaches out. Therefore, it would be best not to eat at least three hours before bedtime, advises Dr. Erich V.

Who to contact, what to check when it comes to unpleasant breath

To solve the problem of bad breath, at first of all you must to choose a doctor. Then the dentist and gastroenterologist who will look for the following areas: smear tongue and throat, sedimentation, complete blood count, blood sugar status, an analysis that would exclude or confirm the liver and kidney disease, serological analysis of urine and feces (stool culture). And will be followed by a ultrasonographic examination of the upper abdomen. Based on the results of all the specialists will decide on further examination – endoscopic and radiological examination of the gastrointestinal tract and consequently on further therapeutic modalities.

Expert advice about breath

Dr. John Richter, director of Pennsylvania Center for the treatment of bad breath has four simple tips for effectively removing odor:
– At least twice a day to clean the underside of the tongue. Because it developing bacteria that cause bad breath. This you can do with a toothbrush. And toothpaste enriched fluorine
– Use regular water mouthwash containing chlorine dioxide. Water without these chemicals does not kill bacteria. Excellent ally is St. John’s wort.
– Eat solid foods such as fresh vegetables, because it causes friction in the mouth and thus managed to “scrape” bacteria from the tongue
– Should not skip meals. Because when you do, compounds called ketones build up in the blood. Therefore, they out the mouth with a very unpleasant smell.


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