Lose 7 Pounds In Just 7 Days!

This fast diet gives you that with the help of hot soup off your 7 kg in 7 days! Try a quick diet with vegetable soup and lose weight 7 kg for 7 days.

If you belong to the group of those who are overly enjoy the festive tables. Now you must feel consequences of. Are you tight jeans, a skirt can’t even fasten. Therefore, when a narrow dress shirt outlines you fat, no doubt, it’s time for diet!

There are plenty of winter diets that promise quick weight loss. But diet with 7 days 7 pounds of soup with vegetables offers much more. With this diet you will not only lose weight in a short time of five to eight pounds. Therefore,  you will also improve your health!


7 days soup diet

The diet that we present is based on a daily intake of healthy and low-calorie soup of vegetables and reduced intake of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates. It lasts seven days, but if you want to lose weight more than the optimal 7 pounds, you need to take a break of at least two weeks before starting a new cycle. You have three main and two snacks. The menu is not particularly diverse, but it is comforting that lasts only 7 days, and gives fantastic results. If you choose this diet, be prepared to give up alcohol, which is strictly prohibited.

They are also not allowed fizzy drinks (even diet), bread, mayonnaise and ketchup, processed sugar. Since the fluid is important to drink plenty of water, and can unsweetened teas and juices without sugar and coffee without milk). The dishes are made dieting. Therefore, this means no frying and frying! Every day a new product in question from the vegetable soup is the basic product in question in this diet. Next to her, every day is introduced and other product in question, which is also preparing diet. If you do not like what’s on the menu that day, for some meals there is a healthy alternative.

Important things

The important thing is that we often do not overuse replacements, not to disturb the intake of nutrients that are carefully balanced in this menu. After the third day, would have to be to lose weight 2-3 kg. From the fourth to the sixth day you need to drink a day 1.5-2 l of water. Why? To increased intake of animal protein. Therefore, this will prevent the accumulation of toxins that build up the process of degradation of these proteins.

Here is what you will eat next soup in the coming days:

  • Day 1 – all the fruit (except bananas), unsweetened tea, coffee and juice, water
  • 2 day – canned or fresh steamed vegetables. Leafy green vegetables, and legumes should be avoid. Unsweetened tea, coffee and juice, water – you can drink.
  • Day 3 – a combination of fruits and vegetables (excluding baked potatoes), unsweetened tea, coffee and juice, water
  • 4 day – bananas and skim milk, unsweetened tea and coffee, water 1.5-2 l
  • 5 day – steak cooked white meat or grilled, mediocre fish with a salad with a little olive oil, unsweetened tea and coffee, 1.5-2 l of water
  • 6. day – vegetables (no baked potato) and meat (beef and lamb), unsweetened tea and coffee, 1.5-2 l of water
  • 7. day – brown rice, fruits and vegetables, unsweetened tea, coffee, juice, water. Tested melting fat! The advantage of this diet is that it has a magical ingredient for fat loss, and it’s soup!

Experts say that this dish, effectively promotes weight loss. One of the ingredients of this soup is a tomato, a small treasure trove of vitamin C, which increases the level of amino acids deserving for melting fat. In addition, properly spaced meals will help to speed up metabolism. Therefore, thanks to fiber-containing ingredients soups and foods permitted under the menu, you will not feel hungry at all!

Fiber prolong satiety and speed up the process of digestion. That’s why you will not have the urge to snack between meals while you are on a diet for 7 days. The conclusion is that you with diet 7 days 7 kg solve the problem of slow metabolism, control hunger and prevent overeating, melt fat and only 7 days off an amazing 7 pounds!

Recipe for vegetable the soup

Ingredients: 1 or 2 cans of cooked tomatoes (also fresh), 1 bunch leeks, 1/2 kg green beans, chicken soup cube, 1 bunch celery, 1 kg of carrots, 2 green pepper, to taste chopped garlic

Preparation: At first of all, Chop vegetables into small to medium pieces, pour water and cook on high heat for 10 minutes. Reduce heat, add the rest of the product in question and cook until the vegetables are tender. If desired, when cooking the soup you can add a beef. Therefore, remove them when it is all over.


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