Did you know that you have on your face “hazard triangle”?

Did you know that you have on your face “hazard triangle”? It can cause this dangerous condition!
If you thought it was hopping and trimming nose hair safely, we have bad news for you!
Recently, on the Internet passed a warning, to not accidentally be plucking nor even shortened nose hair. Because it can have serious consequences, otolaryngologist, have divided opinions on whether it is a matter not so serious.

hazard triangle-on-your-face-it-can-cause-this-dangerous-condition

Hazard triangle region

– Region between the lips and the nose is “dangerous triangle” that can cause infection of the brain. This happens because the veins that carry blood from the nose intersects put the veins that carry blood from the brain – explains one ontologist.
The nose is a filter for the air we breathe and therefore there is a great reason to have it and the hairs that catch the bigger pieces of dirt and bacteria. We could make a problem when you pluck out or too shorten. Because there are, on all hairs a bacteria. They will be drawn into a space that is freed plucked hair.  Not all of these infections are equally dangerous, or in extreme cases, they can be deadly – explains Dr. Erik Voigt for “Business Insider.”
However, he is 25 years of his career saw only a few cases of serious infections caused. Something like by tripping hairs, so it is very unlikely that this will happen. Therefore, as he concludes, is the much greater chance that you will be similar to meningitis and infections happen if you do not properly treat sinus infections.
American doctors call this ‘triangle of death’. Apparently not supposed to be touched no acne and the like when the region comes as intravenously bacteria may cause inflammation of the brain. That’s the theory when anyone asks you to quote the example from practice – will tell you he has no idea.


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