Diet Treatment For Gastritis

Gastritis Diet is intended for everyone who has a problem with a difficult heartburn. That is the folk name for an aforementioned disease. The most common cause of this disease eating at all favorable heliko bacteria. Therefore if is not treated properly, it can cause ulcers and even stomach cancer.


Diet for stomach gastritis

Few are those who do not have any problems with digestion of food. The cause of this situation lies in the irregular and improper diet, smoking cigarettes. Also, many years of taking various drugs that damage the gastric mucosa and a huge stress can cause a gastritis. Modern man is exposed to on stress every day.

If this way of life a long time, it is likely that you will get the stomach gastritis. Gastritis is most often recognized by its specific weight and pain in the stomach. Pain occurs particularly after meals and as bloated stomach uneasy belching, nausea, vomiting and often acidic content.

Also, it happens that there are no symptoms of gastritis. This diet needs all of you that for some time monitored weight in the stomach after eating. Without thinking too much you need to decide for this step.

Proper nutrition for gastritis

One of the most important rules, which is base of gastritis diet, is proper arrangement and sufficient distance between each meal. Food is definitely the key to the treatment of this disease, even when your doctor gastroenterologist prescribes you an appropriate medication for gastritis and helicobacter pylori infection.

Intervals between meals should be at least three to four hours. Spacing meals depends on what we have previously eaten. If you have eaten a slight seasonal fruit therefore after half an hour you can move on to concrete – the stronger the meal. If you have for breakfast some whole grains, eat something until three hours later. However, if you eat meat or other protein foods strong, wait at least four good hours for food to fully pass through your stomach.

This diet has another important rule and that is: do not drink water with a meal or immediately after it. The same applies to the consumption of fruit. He was definitely the best eating in the morning, on an empty stomach and at least thirty minutes before meals, or four hours after a meal.

When you eat fish and meat, do not combine them with the bread, rice or potatoes, as this will only further complicate digestion.


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