Nutrition At Gastritis! Prohibited & Permitted Foods!

NutritionĀ is definitely the key to treating Gastritis disease. One of the most important advice is to avoid overeating during the day and evening. Opt for smaller ones, but also much more frequent meals. This advice is usually completely misinterpreted. That’s why people eat every two hours, which is certainly more than wrong. Thus further burdening the stomach, forcing him to constantly work, digesting, denying him a chance to at least get some rest.


Nutrition & Prohibited food in gastritis diet

There are foods that have a devastating effect on the stomach lining. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them completely from your diet if you suffer from this disease – and suggests that gastritis diet. On this list are almost all meat products. Starting from ham, bacon, sausage, many meat products (pate, salami, sausages …). It is not good to consumption and fatty and old cheese, milk, margarine. From pasta is not used puff pastry and baked goods made of white flour. Then sugar, carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and cigarettes. In preparing food, do not use strong spices, industrial dry spices, salty food, unhealthy snacks, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc .
Mushrooms are also difficult to digest, and it is desirable to avoid. Pulses eat moderately, preferably blended in the form of puree or cream soup. Buckwheat, pea, bean know how hard fall on our stomach.
Too cooked vegetables can also make it difficult digestion. So, will you do the cabbage too much trouble, but eating too much of cooked cabbage.
On the other hand, raw cabbage is allowed and recommended by gastritis diet. Raw cabbage in the form of freshly squeezed juice is considered one of the best medicines for a stomach ulcer. Always replace white bread with whole, and the fried and fried foods, and forget bypassing whenever you see them served on the table.


Permitted food in gastritis nutrition

Gastritis diet requires you to eat more alkaline foods, including amaranth, quinoa because these foods will effectively reduce the secretion of stomach acid and will help faster healing.
Some experts recommend cooked fruit instead of fresh, but in this case, increases the acidity of these foods. This acidity may be able to interfere, and it is best to check for yourself how you react to fresh, but how you react to cooked fruit.
Eat bean sprouts, especially alpha – alpha, drink naturally squeezed juices and eat breakfast healthy whole grains with minced almonds and seeds. Also, eat a light Smoked and braised foods, low-fat yogurt, especially the probiotic.

Drink Kombucha instead of unhealthy sodas, use healthy cold-pressed oils and healing herbal spices. Do not forget the juice of raw cabbage, which we have already mentioned.


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