How To Clean The Iron? You Can Do It Alone!

The cloth is a crowd! The steam difficulty rises, occasional leaks? If you have these problems, it is definitely time for a thorough cleaning of the iron. Cleaning iron consist of two parts: bottom cleaning and cleaning of water tanks.

How To Clean The Iron

Cleaning the bottom of the iron

Cloth taped to the sole-plate is best to use one of the hot iron strongly wipe the cotton, pre soaked rag. Possible remains of which you fail to remove such, try after cooling plate to remove paste made of water and baking soda.
Wire sponges, scraping with a knife or other sharp objects immediately forget. With them, you will permanently damage heating plate. This may do more harm than good, for your iron.
If none of the above fails, try the bottom and protected other parts of the iron, lightly sprayed with some oven cleaner.

The descaling of a reservoir for water

The descaling of a reservoir for water

Although newly irons in the tank with a capsule which prevents the accumulation of tartar. Therefore, when the first problems occur, the water had long since worn out.
Therefore, make sure to have the face mask. Then warm up, in equal proportion and vinegar are just so until all are dissolved. Unplug the iron, and refill the fluid reservoir 3/4 and gently shake a few minutes. Then, by pressing the release button couples, empty the tank.
As the vinegar is known fighter against lime deposits, this method will remove it from the tank and release the steam holes.
Subsequently, the iron needed a plenty of water several times, but the results will appear immediately in the form of tiny pieces that will go out with vinegar.


To prevent these problems in the future, always adjust the temperature, the type of fabric. Occasionally wash the bottom of mild soap and always use distilled water, a tank after use mandatory discharge.
This will in addition to the longevity of your irons, and to ensure the protection of fine fabrics which sets him straight.
You can do it alone!


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