Solid & Lifted Buttocks! It Takes Only 3 Minutes A Day For These Three Exercises!

You want a solid and lifted buttocks. It takes only three minutes a day for these three exercises!
Three simple exercises for fat burning and muscle, you’ll love it. These exercises will take your only three minutes a day, and with the help of them, you will soon notice that your butt is tighter.
For this exercise just do not have a minimum excuse. It is necessary to allocate only 3 minutes a day and a bit of space in the living room. The exercises for shapely buttocks, you can do while watching your favorite TV series.

The first exercise – 1 minute

Hold you to the rear of the chair. With one or both arms rely on the arm as a support. Then, transfer the body weight on the left foot. Then inhale. With the exhale extend your right leg behind you as you can without bending your back. Keep both feet one to two seconds. Inhale and lower the leg. Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds on each side.

The second exercise – 1 minute

Put your left hand on a chair as a support. Therefore, the feet shall be the level of the hips. Transfer the body weight on the left foot. On the exhale, lift your right leg as high as you can to the right. Hold a second or two. Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds on each side.

Third exercise – 1 minute

The most common squat exercise, it is great for shaping buttocks muscle, too. Only it is important to properly perform! Therefore, the feet are shoulder-width apart or slightly apart. Then, slowly lower your buttocks as you want to sit down, as far as you can without lifting off the heel from the floor. Also, the knee must not cross the line of the toes. Therefore, let the back straight and look forward.


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