Every Housewife Has To Know This!

Every housewife has to know: Iron removes wax and gum with clothes, curtains bleached the baking powder

We all know how we can annoy grease stain on your favorite shirt or gray curtains that we can’t replace with new ones. However, these tricks can help in such situations.

The spots are definitely the biggest problem when washing clothes, but they are inconvenient from the gum or wax, as well as patches of fatty foods.

Here’s how to clean them before washing.

Housewife Many Things And Problems Can Solve Alone!

Tips for housewife:

How to remove wax or chewing gum

  • To remove wax or chewing gum with a wardrobe and bed linen, first let it dry, and then remove all much as you can. Over stains put the paper. With iron jump a few times up and down. Gum, or wax, will be transferred to the paper.

Greasy stains

  • Greasy stains, that remain after washing machine (or even that we face underwear) is easily removed if they sprinkle children’s baby powder, a little wait. Then shake off the powder from clothing.

How to restore the whiteness of curtains

  • Curtains again are pure white after washing. Soak them overnight in water prior to which you put baking powder. On Three liters of water goes one baking powder.

Do not throw it: Housewife Save the clothes that are gathered from washing

Learn how to save your favorite blouse that you gathered from washing using warm water, children’s shampoos and two large towels. Everyone at least once happened that after washing a shirt, pants or any other piece of clothing is free to donate ten children, because of the standard size of the machine out clothes you almost can not recognize – much less the numbers!

You will need: children’s shampoo, lukewarm water, two large towels

At, First of all, Bathroom sink fills with lukewarm water and add a little child shampoo. The water gathered clothes and put a little rub to the fabric abandoned.
Remove the clothes from the water and worked up, but without rinsing.
Spread a large towel on a flat surface and place the clothes on him.
Then wrap in a roll, fold it several times to soak up excess water from the garment.
Open the towel, spread other dry clothes but move to it.
Hands gently spread apart and stretch the clothes as much as possible and leave to dry.
When completely dry, check the results. If you are not completely satisfied, repeat the procedure several times, or until the clothes are not stretched to the desired size.


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