Stress, Emotions & Nutrition

In recent decades, the dynamics of life changed drastically. Today we live faster, more intense and stressful than ever. However, the most intensive changes occurred in women. Not so long ago 1971 in Switzerland women obtained the right to vote. Therefore, women fought for basic human rights, wanted to emancipate and to participate in all aspects of state and society. Slowly but surely that’s failing. The other extreme of this success is greater responsibility and an enormous amount of liabilities that had crashed on the shoulders of working women and mothers. Especially is exposed to single mothers.

Women & Their Struggle! Stress, Emotions & Nutrition!

In such a demanding life, women, so that they remain “up to the task,” often suffer from the effects of stress. Stress is strongly influenced by the hormonal imbalance. Any hormonal imbalance directly affects the emotions. Therefore,  that inner sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Furthermore, the society we live in an extremely valued ratio and almost exclusively refer to it. Emotions are not desirable, and women are very emotional beings. Regardless of our cultural conditioning of emotions are parts of us, a very important part. Without feeling we would not be human.
Repressed, unrecognized and unloved emotions pose a problem for our health in the broadest sense of the word.

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Unrealistic social standards destroying a women

Very high standards that society has set in front of women are a concept of beauty, thinness, and youth. Due to such rigid criteria, unfortunately, the girls and women do not accept their own bodies. Therefore,  and often it and ashamed.
Because of the emotional pain and repressed feelings, and various frustrations, women are very prone to sugar and sweets. Why? Because- to encourage the creation of serotonin, the so-called hormone of happiness. However, excessive intake of carbohydrates and sugars benefit to the enormous growth of the fungus candida. Candidiasis is the most common fungal infection. It’s  occurs in a woman’s vagina or mouth, a very easily spread to sexual partners, no matter if he has symptoms or not.

The hormonal problem in women

According to Eriksson, which runs from 25-65 years, is to phase in productivity which every person should achieve its heyday, develop their creativity and success. However, the society we are recognized and valued youth, but not the wisdom, experience, and qualities that bring maturity.
The fear of transience and end of life is present in both sexes but more pronounced in women. That limiting belief is reflected through interference in menopause, due to hormonal imbalances. For example, hot flashes are an endocrine problem which is exacerbated by stress.
Hormonal imbalance can lead to thyroid problems, irregular or prolonged menstrual cycle, vegetative exhaustion. Lead to dry skin, emotional amplitude – frequent mood swings. Therefore, leads to vaginal problems favors of which are the most common vaginal infection, polycystic ovaries, painful ovulation and menstrual periods, severe PMS, menopausal problems, breast or cervix, uterine, HPV, and other viral infections as well as others.

Healing in a natural way

Fortunately, the body has an innate wisdom and ability of self-healing. Our bodies are constantly updated, within 6 months of changes to all the cells in our body.
In addition, women are lucky to have their body naturally cleanses the rhythms, menstruating. During the menstrual cycle, there is a physical, but also emotional cleansing. Women were at that time very sensitive, melancholy.
One of necessity that arises is to accept themselves, to understand their needs and wishes and make only those compromises that do not degrade us as a person. Also, it is necessary to re-examine their own beliefs and discard those that harm us. Let us learn to listen to the body and its needs.

Feelings is Okay 

Are we too tired? Do try to satisfy all around and ignore yourself. Did you recognize your own value that you deny yourself? Did you give false qualities which in reality do not possess ??? Priceless is that you honestly answer the questions that are important to us and the decisions into practice.
Feel the sadness is okay. Therefore, and feel the joy if we are sad and want to cry this feeling, let us pay you for. Crying is one of the ways that the body is eliminating toxins and tension.
Children release emotions naturally and instant. Sharing them learn to control authorities and the denial because our culture encourages the control of emotions.


Proper nutrition is very important. Foods rich in quality and comprehensive nutrient strongly affects the general health and even the health of the female organs. Therefore, reduce dairy products or entirely omitted from the diet due to the formation of mucus in the body. Therefore, intake of refined carbohydrates, refined sugar and flour, trans fatty acids (refined oils, margarine, vegetable fat). Limit consumption of meat and eggs, meat products and meat, reduce your intake of caffeine.

The logical question is: What to eat?

The main thing is to decide consciously choose foods that are healthy and tasty, for us. Such food mainly consists of high-quality vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, meat quality is not a lot of additives, dyes, hormones, preservatives.
It is recommending  a walk, 20 minutes each day. Stay in the full spectrum of light, reduce stress, and devote ourselves every day for an hour.


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