Iodine Is Beneficial For Breast And Thyroid Gland

Numerous studies have shown that there is a clear link between the disturbances in the thyroid gland and breast cancer. The iodine can be a factor that connects them, says dietitian Teri Lemerond.

Thyroid Gland & The Impact Of Iodine Its Normal Function
This thesis is a stronghold. And a number of works of doctors and professional medical teams relentlessly confirmed statistics. Today, one in eight American women have a diagnose breast cancer or thyroid gland problems. Before just thirty years ago, breast cancer is rare. It was 1: 20 women. Deterioration is, says US expert, primarily the result of changes in diet and the fact that today consume much less iodine than before.

His thesis is supported by some other figures. Points out, that women in Japan, which create much more iodine through the foods rich in these minerals (primarily seafood, fish). Therefore a significantly smaller percentage suffer from breast cancer and from thyroid gland problems. Genetics is important too. Because when Japanese women immigrate to the United State and the go to the “Western” diet, in which the percentage of those diagnosed with breast cancer and forms of thyroid dysfunction drastically.

Breast Cancer!

Effect of iodine on the work of the thyroid gland

The effectiveness of iodine is not linked only to a healthy thyroid. Therefore, it occupies an important place and its preventive function in some forms of cancer. Scientific tests have shown that when breast cancer cells that are sensitive to estrogen expose the increased quantities of iodine slow down their growth and the possibility of division. And that’s not good statistics iodine therapy. Referring to one study. A recognized American expert said that even 98% of women by the end of therapy with iodine was liberated severe pain. Therefore, and in 72% of subjects recorded an improvement in breast tissue.

Dose of iodine
The body needs a daily minimum of 150 micrograms of iodine. This dose is prescribed by the World Health Organization, or the preventive effect is achieved only by injecting large quantities of. The danger of entering too much iodine does. Because we should not forget that people in Japan consume a daily 12 milligrams of iodine. That doseĀ is ten times more than the WHO recommendations. However, to change your diet is not easy. Especially if we know that we do not algae, not seafood is not very close. Therefore, I must say, that in our country you can find a mineral water rich in naturally dissolved iodine.


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