TOP 5 Exercises For Arms With Weights!

Tighten the hand can be a real hassle! That’s why many women give up after exhausting training because they do not see results in the first few weeks … Sometimes, it is better to practice handwork with mild loads, so that the results were better and faster. Introducing the TOP 5 exercise for the hands with weights that will tighten up your hands for two weeks!

Top 5 Exercise For Arms Which You Can Do It At Home!

Exercise No. 1 From 5 exercise for arms

Exercise No. 1 From 5 exercise for arms

Start with a mild muscle warming hands. Catch weights and bend the hand to the shoulder, then raise them over your head, completely corrected. It is very important that your hands are straight while doing this exercise. Repeat 5 series of 30 lifting.

Exercise No. 2 

Overhead-Triceps-Extensions Exercise No. 2

You still have to warm up all the muscles, and in this exercise, hamstrings warm up and stretch it at the same time! Put your hands on the crown and twist it behind his head. Repeat 5 times for 30 exercises.

The third exercise for arms 

Upright-Row Exercise 3

Do discrepancy so that your feet are hip-width apart. His hands are extended (also in the width of the hips) down with weights in his hands. Fold your hands so you do weights come just above the breasts. Perform the exercise 4 times for 25 repetitions.

Fourth exercise for arms

exercise 4 Bent-Over-Row

Stay with your feet hip-width apart or slightly bent back and lean forward. The arms are parallel to the thighs, at an angle of 45 degrees. Pull your hands back to waist. Do this exercise 6 times for 15 repetitions.

Exercise No. 5


The last series of exercises is the most demanding but also the most efficient! If you have trouble tightening the inner Lodge of your hand, this exercise will tighten!
You’re still in a crouch as in the previous exercise, keep your arms extended in line with the knees. Then spread his hands so that they extend from the side. Repeat 5 times 25 expansion. Not only will this exercise to tighten the most critical part of your hand, but you will also strengthen your back and shoulder blades.


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