How To Remove Chewing Gum From Clothing?

How to remove chewing gum from clothing is no longer impossible.

Ironing removes chewing gum

Chewing Gum And How To Remove It From Clothing

Ironing removes chewing gum for a few minutes. In eliminating unpleasant stains from sensitive materials helps alcohol, which does not damage the paint, not a fabric.
When removing chewing gum from clothing applies the same rule as for removing nail polish, the longer you wait the harder it will take off. Because of this, you need to react quickly. The simplest way is to put clothes in the freezer for a few hours. Chewing gum will harden and will remove the quick strokes with a knife.
Clothing that is stuck to the gum turn down. Gum is on the lower side and underneath it with a cardboard. Iron the temperature to medium heat in order to chew gum stuck to the card.

Hairspray & hot vinegar

In addition to iron, can help and hairspray and hot vinegar, too. It should be applied directly to the tire hairspray to the hardened and then scrape or else, dip a toothbrush in hot vinegar and clean the gum.
Another way to remove gum is with the help of hot water, which is a real lifeline for clothes. Shirt or Pants just dive into the water with a toothbrush brush the chewing gum. Repeat the process until you scraped the last part. If you are pressed for time, it will help the steam from the cooking water. Just cooked just adjacent to the stain and scrape it.
To remove the chewing gum helps and alcohol. It is the best choice for sensitive materials such as wool and silk because it does not damage the fabric and color. Just apply it directly on the gum and gently rub.


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