Folk Remedies For Diabetes – Natural Medicine

Folk remedies for diabetes – natural medicine
Diabetes is a chronic disease. This disease is caused by lack of insulin in the body. As a result of this disease, there is a disorder of glucose metabolism, protein, and fat. The most common symptoms of diabetes are dry mouth, general weakness, fatigue, and loss of body weight.

Diabetes & Folk Remedies For Diabetes – Natural Medicine!

Plants that regulate blood sugar levels/diabetes

In addition, it is a useful dandelion natural remedy for liver and gall, this herb is a good natural remedy for controlling blood sugar levels. For the treatment of diabetes is necessary during the spring, all the while dandelion flower, every day to eat 10 fresh dandelion stalks. At first of all, plant wash with a flower and only then remove the flowers. Then the stem tightly and slowly chews, and then swallow.
It was confirmed that a lot of spice cinnamon increases the activity of insulin. So that one spoon of cinnamon a day can significantly reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, this plant lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
Medicinal mushrooms – Reishi (Ganoderma lucid), complements the lack of insulin in the body and positively affects the proper functioning of the pancreas and therefore leads to regulation of blood sugar levels. This fungus is a woody composition, however, is usually prepared as a tea.
The raspberry is also a useful natural remedy for regulating blood sugar levels.
Corn, oats or oat pure blood, blood vessels and helps in the treatment of diabetes.

Treatment of diabetes (diabetes), includes food disorder with reduced carbohydrate intake. Throw out unhealthy fats and use healthy and useful, such as flax and fish oil. When blood sugar levels are normal, then in the diet you can use a butter, olive and coconut oil. It is necessary to pay attention to adequate intake of minerals because the disease often causes a lack of minerals in the body.

For diabetics is good artichoke

Artichoke is a plant similar to the potato, which is also a healthy alternative to potatoes. Because this plant, unlike the potatoes does not contain starch but contains insulin.
Parsley has always been used for the treatment and alleviation of diabetes. Therefore hundreds of fresh parsley leaves should chop the root of this plant finely grated up confused with a cup of yogurt. You should drink it every night before going to bed


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