Finally! Detox Green Smoothie That Has Great Taste

When you think of healthy smoothie, even if it is a green smoothie is probably not too willing to try it, let alone drink to finish. It is true that these beverages often have a specific taste. However, when taking into consideration all the strengths and benefits provided it is easily overlooked.

Green Smoothie That Has Great Taste! Detox Smoothie!
Today we share with you a recipe for the green smoothie beverage that is truly delicious and is made very quickly and easily. The most central of all is that it is very healthy and good for both lost weight and for immunity!
This drink is ideal for after the holidays when we went too far with food and mirth! Regenerate the body and will raise your immunity.

Necessary ingredients for a green smoothie:

  • fresh peeled the cucumber
  • 200 g leaf spinach
  • peeled orange
  • a piece of peeled ginger
  • medium size banana

Preparation of green smoothie:

  • Put all the ingredients in a blender. Then add half a glass of water.
  • When everything is well mixed in a blender you can enjoy. Enjoy in a delicious option that will work great on your body.

green detox smoothie
The benefits of cucumber

  • Cucumber is a rich source of vitamin B.
  • Hydrates the body and eliminate toxins because 95 percent of the cucumber is water
  • It is good for skin and hair
  • Therefore it acts as a cure and prevention of many diseases
  • It helps with weight loss and digestion. Daily consumption of cucumber can be considered as a significant step towards achieving better body line. It is recommended to all those who are trying to lose weight. Why? Because it contains a lot of water in it and dietary fiber which releases the body of toxins.
  • If you have problems with unpleasant smell, cucumber can help
  • It helps in getting rid of cellulite. So, we know that in the struggle with cellulite recommends taking large quantities of water on a daily basis. Therefore, as we have already mentioned, the cucumber is more than abundant water. So eating this vegetable encourage extraction of water from the body and toxins. It helps with kidney stones and urinary bladder.

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