Imagination Relaxes The Mind And Body

Relaxation is visualization which relieves from anxiety. If we are able to create a negative imagination. Therefore we are able to do the opposite.

Visualization Relieves Us From Anxiety. Try This Technique !

Stress and visualization

Those who are constantly under stress. Their who imagining bad events. So they can successfully get rid of negative thinking. Therefore their own weapons is imagination. It is a technique of visualization. It includes the ability to imagine or provoking visual experience. From the usual fantasies, it differs in that it is managed, controlled and assisted therapist.
Visualization is a story in pictures 

That one who participates in it leads to a state of deep relaxation. Therefore it is performing as follows. People are alone in a quiet and pleasant place. A trainer leads the entire process with a before prepared story. The story should encourage certain experiences to the immediate way. Way “to resolve” internal conflicts on a deep psychological and physical level.
If we are able to create a negative imagination intense feelings of anxiety, fear, shame. Therefore we are able to do the opposite. That the positive imagination creates intense feelings of pleasure, happiness, relaxation.
Therefore, very often emotional imbalance manifests itself in psychosomatic ailments. In this way, through sorting out the accumulated stress, and reduce the change occurring at the physical level.

Children & visualization

If this technique is applied to children, pupils and students, it developing their skills of visualization. Therefore  facilitates their ability of learning and memory:
Using the visualization technique we encourages the development of visual – spatial, personal, and naturalist intelligence. Therefore and indirectly musical and existential intelligence. It is clear in any way we encourage the visual – spatial intelligence. Therefore personal intelligence is characterized by a person’s ability to analyze and knowledge itself. To know goals, preferences, characteristics, emotions. With this technique, the child put directly in a position to observe and insight into her inner world. Naturalist intelligence graced those who love nature. Those who have highly developed environmental awareness and happy to deal with all that nature is.
Visualization and encourages creative capacities of the child. Therefore in addition to creative ability fantasy and imagination. That is the most significant is in the sphere of artistic and musical creativity.


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