This Food Is The Key To Longevity

Experts says that this food- chili peppers- is the key to longevity
In the first study of its kind, a group of US scientists has revealed to eating hot peppers could be credited for the longevity of people.

Chili Peppers - Food That Is The Key To Longevity & Good Health
The study included more than 16,000 people who reported their diet. But scientists in the next six years, periodically checking whether there was a discrepancy in their diet.
It was discovered the following. People who regularly consume chili peppers on average live 10.5 years longer. This write Independent.

What the results show in the study about chili peppers?

Results of this study showed a reduced mortality rate in people who regularly ate hot chili peppers. Sufficient was one chili pepper from time to time to eat. The mortality rate of people who drank hot peppers was 21.6 percent in the period of 6 years. This is compared with a mortality rate of 33.6 percent in people who consumed peppers.

What is the substance of this food group is responsible for this?

It is the capsaicin. It is the active component of peppers that gives them the anger. Therefore, the study showed that this molecule protects against heart disease.
Most people still likes moderately hot flavor that enhances food and stimulates digestion. And not only that – chili provides numerous health benefits.
This substance to chili pepper gives not only anger. It also gives a special medicinal properties that make them are among the healthiest foods of the world.

chili peppers & capsaicin
Chili peppers acting anti-inflammatory:
Thanks to capsaicin, the chili has anti-inflammatory properties. It strongly blocking substance P. This substance is associated with inflammatory processes in the body. Regular intake of chili can serve as an excellent prevention of arthritis.
Prevent Pain:
The latest research confirms that chili effectively reduces the pain caused by arthritis, psoriasis and diabetic neuropathy.
Fosters the health of the cardiovascular system:
It has been shown that hot peppers reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and prevent blood clots. Cultures that widely applied chili have much lower rates of heart disease, stroke, and thrombosis.


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