Top Beauty Tips From The 9 Most Popular Top Models

The most famous top models are ranked as the top without reason. They look perfectly almost at every opportunity, and quite logical that many ladies want to hear advice when beauty and care come precisely from them.
Today we share with you the top beauty tips from top 9 most popular models. Find out what you are recommended to Heidi, Irina, Miranda, Noemi, Adriana, Gigi, Gisele, Karolina, and Joan.

Beauty Tips From 9 The Most Popular Top Models! Try It!

Adriana Lima & her beauty tips

Even Adriana often faced with pimples on his face. However, she found the perfect remedy!

If there is a pimple, Adriana twice daily tea tree oil applied to the sore place, using cotton wool.
Gigi Hadid & her beauty tips
Gigi tries to eat healthy foods that do not cause irritation to the skin, however, when a pimple before bed she puts a little toothpaste on the sore spot.
A pimple is dried in the morning and this trick is used only in alarming situations, not every day.

Adriana Lima & her beauty tips
Gisele Bundchen & her beauty tips

Gisele has found a great recipe for a smooth and shiny skin, no cellulite, and toxins.
She mixes cold pressed olive oil with sea salt and so gets a fantastic body scrub.
Irina Shayk
Irina loves the packaging for hair and whenever on the beach put certain packaging and curled hair in aluminum foil.
This is not a bad idea, not at home.
Her face prefers to cultivate coconut oil as well moisturizes the skin and protects against infection.
In the morning, she brushing ice water and ice cubes often used for facial massage.
When a real natural face mask at home in them is always a cucumber.

Noemi Campbell and her beauty tips
Noemi Campbell and her beauty tips

Noemi revealed that the residue of black coffee the most efficient way to get to a beautiful smooth skin.

In addition, a residue is great in a battle with cellulite.
We suggest that coffee mix with coconut oil.

Karolina Kurkova

Karolina makeup off exclusively with the help of coconut oil, even waterproof.
Coconut oil moisturizes the skin has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.
Given that Caroline’s skin is oily, it tones the face with the help of homemade tonics.
Namely, it is mixed lemon juice and water to get the perfect tonic that provides her beautiful face.

Miranda Kerr beauty tips
Miranda Kerr
Miranda practiced daily exfoliation and she massages the skin with the help of brushes made of natural hair. In this way, her skin soft and smooth, circulation is improved and there is no problem with cellulite.
When brushing is not rude, it is the medium and gentle exfoliation without abandoning parts of the body such as the hands, feet, elbows and knees.
Every evening for face rosehip oil is used because it transforms and nourishes the skin and makes it be soft and beautiful.
This oil is full of vitamins and antioxidants and has the anti-aging effect.

Beauty tips from Joan Smalls
Beauty tips from Joan Smalls

Joan has beautiful hair thanks to the natural face masks.
Specifically, it mixes 2 egg yolks and a tablespoon of olive oil with one ripe avocado.
This puts the mask twice a week from the roots to the tips of the hair to fully nourish and regenerate hair.
Heidi Klum
Heidi has a great tip for those who want to have perfect feet.
While in the shower with the help of gloves for showering offices piling legs.
After that, the body milk is mixed with a liquid bronzer. Therefore, with thus she smear her legs.
Consequently, her feet sparkle and look completely irresistible.
Up to you to decide whose advice will you accept?


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