Why Are We After Thirty Years Quickly Gain Weight?

Not Metabolism: Why are we after thirty years quickly weight gain

With age, our metabolism becomes slower, and the body is more prone to rapid weight gain. However, slowing metabolism in middle age is not the main reason for rapid weight gain.

Weight Gain After Thirty Years! Whose Fault Is It- Metabolism Is Slower

Answer of weight gain problem

The answer lies in inaction. As we get older, we are all less active.
The basal metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories when you are sitting or lying. Therefore he is determined the combination of height, gender, and genes that we inherit from their parents, and as such can’t be changed much.
What people often called metabolism are actually three different stages of burning calories that enters our body depending on what we’re doing.
When we eat we burn few calories (barely 10 percent of the total burned during the day) and it was actually the first phase.
In the introduction to the Medical Encyclopedia of the National Institutes of Health says:

“Green tea and hot peppers will not help to remove excess weight. Some foods may be able to cause a little encouragement in your metabolism, but not enough to affect your weight. ”
The most important activity that will help in burning calories is the activity itself, which constitutes the second phase.
Whether it’s about climbing stairs. Therefore,  getting up from the chair that we take a coffee or during yoga, it is important that this consumes energy.

Weight Gain After Thirty Years
Many think that this category includes strength training and weightlifting. But it will not significantly affect the metabolism since the muscles affect the basal metabolic rate of only 20 to 25 percent.
The website of the National Institutes of Health says that, except that we grow less active, less care about diet and amount of food we eat.
As we get older, the feeling of satiety and control appetite is weaker. So that smaller portions of meals to be more effective than the full plate.
“The more any activity and smaller portions of food will prevent rapid obesity with age,” writes the site.


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