Cumin And Yogurt Leads To Weight Loss

Put in the yogurt  this spice, every day. You will lose weight and you will solve the bad cholesterol! Try cumin!
People who eat a daily tablespoon ground cumin three times faster lose weight compared to people who are on a diet, and do not consume this spice.

Cumin And Yogurt Leads To Healthy Way Of Weight Loss

How cumin affect to weight loss

This conclusion came from researchers from Iran’s Institute of Medical Sciences ┬áduring the recent research. The study included 88 women with overweight. All women in the course of investigations reduce daily caloric intake by 500 and followed the advice about healthy eating. However, half of the respondents have daily meals three grams of cumin powder, involved in a low fat, unsweetened yogurt.
After three months, the group that consumed significantly more who has lost weight. On average lost 1.5 kilograms more than the women who did not consume cumin. For as much as 14 percent of them had been reduced proportion of body fat. Women who did not eat who have lost about five pounds and the fat dropped by 4.9 percent.
In addition, this spice has helped to lower their bad cholesterol levels by 10! Therefore, Cumin has the ability to absorb cholesterol and contains substances that speed up metabolism.

Cumin helps in the treatment of:

Diseases of the liver and gall bladder (such as cirrhosis of the liver, liver bad, balances fat)
Kidney problems and bladder as stone, sand, difficulty with urination, infections with bacteria
Ailments of the respiratory tract, such as susceptibility to infections, colds, influenza, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, cough, phlegm and catarrh in the lungs
Heart disease – in particular, arrhythmia
Diseases of the eyes (to strengthen the vision)
Diseases of the mouth (rinse with infections and bad breath, toothache, gingivitis – inflammation of the gums)

Also, this spice speed up metabolism!


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