From Monday I m On A Diet!

Many times I caught myself, after a rich meal, with the famous sentence:
“Well, Monday I move on a diet !! “.

Think there is no girls and women which are not it at least once in his life spoke as if women have any connection then it is a concern about the numbers on the scale.

How to take off ten pounds in ten days ?

That feeling of happiness when we see the desired value on the scale knows the only person who painstakingly days disclaimed loved dishes and desserts.
Therefore, when the shelves of bookstores and kiosks screaming headlines like “How to take off ten pounds in ten days”
Or “Ten tips to remove the pounds until the summer”
Frantically ran to read the hitherto undiscovered secret. I’m not surprised that the newly created child where they quickly lose pounds, regularly bestsellers.
No secret there. There is simply no magic formula which would overnight lose unwanted pounds.
As with everything in life, that is worth, and it takes time and effort.

Diet From Monday! This Is Common Sentence For Many Women!
Diet From Monday! This Is Common Sentence For Many Women!

But still, there are a few golden tips that can help us this time, when we want to start with a diet

  • Throw out the word diet from dictionaries 

The word diet most of us associated with the waiver and rules …
Therefore, it is essential for a successful start-stop saying “I’m on a diet” but “I eat healthily”.
Psychologically will be easier for us if we are convinced that we are doing something useful and healthy for yourself.
include family members
In most families somehow always turns out that the changes in the diet of women decide, and if someone next to you munches a juicy French fries with mayonnaise until you eat a salad, it is easy to give up. If the extreme case it is essential to include at least their support.
Finally, a healthy diet everyone will use.

  • Without starvation 

You must have many times heard this advice. More frequent and smaller meals will enhance metabolism. While fasting the body receives information that there is no food and begins to hold stocks. With starvation, the pounds accumulate later even faster.

  • Do not skip meals 

Torn between obligation and in everyday pressed for time and man easily forgets to eat and when hunger presses usually resort to some snacks that currently meet the need for food and abundant empty calories.
The organization is very important, the best would be to write daily menus which we strive to comply.
It also does not hurt and that meal prepared in advance. Therefore, have more ready when there is not enough time.

  • Imaginative dishes

The worst situation that occurred to me at such a diet is the frequency of the same foods, and that I’m not skilled in cooking, dishes were repeated and of course it came to saturation. Fortunately, today the various portals and newspapers abound with imaginative and original recipes that can easily and quickly prepare that everyone can take advantage of the idea.
And when you eat healthy and fine, you do not have the feeling that you are on a diet.

  • Exercising

It is already clear to everyone that the exercise is extremely important both for beauty and for health.
With food, this is the most important item.
It does not matter which sport you choose, it can be a walk, but it is important to activate.

Finally, enjoy everything you do, whether in practice, either in the diet.
Because diet is not temporary, it’s a lifestyle.
And enjoy yourself, as it is, that’s the point.
Ideal measures there, sometimes with more kilos look nicer than less.
The important thing is that we’re healthy and happy because it is the happiness that radiated human beauty.


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