The Dangers Of A Large Waist & The Most Common Mistakes In Weight Loss

In an effort to lose weight your body and expose the body great dangers. We are not even aware that we can destroy our health.

Dangers That May Produce An A Large Waist And Excessive Exercise!

Danger caused with large waist

A large waist and abdomen are not just a cosmetic problem, but also a health threat.
Medical studies show that waist circumference over 87.5 cm for women and 100 cm for men increases the risk of several health problems.
These diseases fall into the category of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers. Larger waist circumference can double or quadruple the opportunity to develop these risks, compared with a smaller waist circumference.
A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology further supports these findings.
Their results are stunning 
This research has shown that men with larger waist are 42% more likely to develop a dangers like heart disease. While 44% of women with greater waist circumference can also develop this disease.
This is just another reason why people should pay attention to your weight and stop the excuses.

Losing unwanted abdominal fat should not happen just for aesthetic reasons. Health reasons such as reducing the chances of stroke and heart disease should be enough that someone took responsibility for their own health.
Most coaches say that many individuals make unnecessary steps and actions in order to lose unwanted weight.
They often exaggerate in matters such as perform too much exercise, starvation and taking unnecessary pills and medicines.

The dangers of excessive exercise

People who desperately want to lose weight spend enormous amounts of time and effort in the gym and excessive exercise.
These people often spend too much time doing a lot of cardio exercises and daily spend hours and hours working and other types of training (including excessive lifting weights and exercise machines), thinking that the more exercise they do, the faster the results achieved.

The dangers of excessive exercise
However, much of this activity very quickly leads to over-training. Therefore, when your body is exposed to excessive training – your metabolism stops working. In other words, you store fat in excessive amounts.
Instead, we should do exercises 3-4 times a week. It should not be long training sessions (45 minutes), while the intensity of the exercise you need to change from day to day. Believe us, sometimes the rest of your intensive training and dealing with light activities such as walking or riding a bike can accelerate weight loss to the point where you can see how fat melt.


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