The Dangers For Health Of Self-Starvation And Diet Pills

The dangers of self-starvation and diet pills is big for our health. And we doing it during weight loss.

Weight Loss And Dangers Caused With Self-Starvation & Diet Pills!
The dangers of self-starvation during weight loss

Starvation and eating a very small amount of food is one of those things that many individuals continue to work. Believing that it will quickly lose significant weight.
This is what happens when you starve. In the beginning, you will lose weight (mostly muscle weight). Therefore and within 2 weeks, you will notice that you are losing a significant amount of metabolically active muscle. Therefore,  your metabolism slows down dramatically.

Learn your body
So you must learn your body that food will not get very often. Therefore, to survive your body, your hormones stop discharging fats as energy sources. Therefore, because you did not feed him often enough, your body is forced to break the muscles. As a result, you turned your body into fat storage mechanism with a sluggish metabolism.
When the body does not receive the nutrients it needs, it stores as much fat as possible.
The secret is in the eating balanced meals and frequent (4-6 times a day) while calories that you enter under control. Thus, your body will feel free to relax and melt the fat – while preserves and builds metabolically active muscles – so that you will continue to lose fat even when not exercising.

The risks involved with diet pills during weight loss

There are a growing number of individuals who are turning to “easy weight loss”, which consists of taking pills for weight loss.
There are many diet pills that can help you lose weight, but they will do more harm than good.
The use of these tables can result in side effects such as diarrhea, high blood pressure, anxiety, tremor, palpitations, and even heart failure.

Strong possibility of getting back the lost weight
And, when this dose stops, there is the greater possibility of getting back the lost weight. In many cases, much more than before. This is because these pills interfere with your natural hormone balance and do not treat the cause of your weight gain, which is mainly down to your diet and exercise regime.
Therefore, when you stop taking them, you are, of course, return to their old habits – but now with greater desire than ever before, while the body weight very quickly accumulate.
People who want to lose weight should note that along the way there are no shortcuts. Losing weight requires only one thing: discipline. Once you have made the decision to transform your body and keep it in a state supreme health, you just have to work hard, eat well and put their health among its main priorities.


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