With The Assistance Of Walking To Weight Loss

Can you really walk bring back into shape and slim down? Absolutely as long as you walk long enough, hard enough and often enough. Of course, walking burns fewer calories per minute more than running. But most people can walk more than run. So this way you can make up for lack of burning calories. In addition, compared to runners, walkers enjoy a relatively low rate of injury. A recent study found that, among people who are successful in maintaining long-term weight loss, nearly 80 percent of them used walking as the main physical activity.

Walk Can Bring Your Body In Perfect Shape And With Less Body Fat
Active woman in sports wear

Walk in the right way leads to weight loss

The biggest mistake made by the walkers is bending forward. Which is a sure way for the development of problems in the lower back, neck, and hips. Your attitude should be naturally high. Relax shoulders, spread his chest and draw your abdominal muscles slightly inward. Lift your head and beard and focus on the road ahead.

Be relaxed
In the meantime, relax your hands, treasure them bend at the elbows, and wave your arms so that they gently touch your body. While lifting a hand, it should be on the level of your sternum, and while you descend, it would have to touch your side. Keep your hips loose and relaxed. The legs should you should firmly touch the ground, and the fifth would first have to touch the ground. Go to the heel to the arch of the foot, then on the front part of the foot, and then on his toes. Cast off the toes and forefoot.

Walking as an exercise for beginners

Although walking is the most basic activity, “beginner walkers” can still benefit from the following tips:

  • Gradually increase the time of your training. Most people can start to walk five times a week for 10 -20 minutes. After about a month, they can increase each workout for 2 or 3 minutes, until they walk 30-45 minutes it becomes quite comfortable. (Five days a week may sound like a lot, but every day walking will actually help you walking into the habit.)
  • Walk at a speed that you are not burdened too much. If you walk very fast – paced 8 km / h or 6 km/hour – you can spend twice as many calories than when walking pace is of 5 km/hour. Although it may initially not be able to move long these speeds in the beginning, after you get in shape, in their walking can include some faster intervals.
  • If you walk along the road, against the direction of traffic to be able to watch the upcoming cars .
    Walk in the hills. A walk in the mountainous terrain shaping your buttocks and thighs and burns calories. About 30 percent more calories than walking on flat ground, of course, depending on the degree of the hill.
  • Take a walk whenever you can. Leave your car at home and walk to work. Stroll 15 minutes during your lunch break. All these small efforts will ultimately help to bring into shape.

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