Find Out Why You Should Eat Two Bananas A Day

We believe that among you there are a lot of fans of this tropical fruit. But do you really know how two bananas are actually useful for the organism?

Two Bananas A Day Improves Mood And Lead To Weight Loss

Two bananas a day provide you with enough energy for the intense 90-minute workout. Therefore it is not surprising that the number 1 on the menu of almost all athletes.

However, this is not its only advantage. See why you should eat two bananas a day and why you are doing this today!

Two bananas a day – Fighter against depression and bad moods

If you are not the brightest mood of recent days may go, travel to the nearby market or in the market and buy the bananas. Because the protein tryptophan, which the body converts into serotonin. The serotonin is the hormone of happiness. Bananas are one of the best fighters against depression and bad moods.

Against anemia

Bananas are excellent to combat anemia because they contain a high percentage of iron, and their regular consumption will certainly improve the blood picture.

Against anemia

Regulate blood pressure

Bananas are high in potassium and low in salt. Therefore, they are a great ally in the fight against high blood pressure.

Two bananas a day – Strengthens the brain

The study was conducted on 200 students of one school in England. It has shown that regular consumption of bananas on a daily basis improves the functioning of the brain and increases the concentration.

Improves digestion

Because a lot of fiber containing bananas are excellent in the fight against constipation and generally to enhance the digestive tract.

Two bananas a day – against ┬áthe hangover

You’ve had a busy night with consequences certainly feel in the morning? Make a milkshake with bananas and honey, because this is a great recipe for a hangover. Bananas soothe the irritated stomach, during an energy, a milk rehydrated the body.

two bananas and Maternity discomfort

Maternity discomfort

If you suffer from heartburn or morning sickness have bananas should include as a permanent member of your daily menu. They calm gastric acid secretion, and two bananas between meals raise blood to pressurize used morning and reduce nausea.

So, you are left only to buy their bananas enjoy their taste and benefits of providing the body!


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