What Is And What Is Not A Normal Diet

Before we begin to reflect on what they are eating disorders, let’s look more closely at what is considered normal or abnormal eating. This will help us identify the problem of eating disorders. What is and what is not a normal diet?

Normal Diet Or Eating Disorders! What Is And What Is Not A Normal Diet
What is a normal diet?

The normal diet is not related to how much and what you eat. Is relate with your relationship with food and eating.
If you can eat without guilt when you feel hungry, and stop eating when you are full, then you have a positive and normal relationship with food.
It is also normal to eat different amounts of food. You eat more foods which you love and less one that you do not like, and sometimes overeat or restrict food intake.

What’s not normal diet?

Food that is not normal is not related so much to your behavior. Such as skipping meals, restricting food, overeating. How to think about this behavior, how often it occurs and feel that you have to eat it this way.
Normal and abnormal diet can sometimes look very similar

For example, you can move out of the house without breakfast because you got up late and you worry that you’ll miss the bus. At school or at work feel hungry, and eat a larger lunch than usual without even thinking about it. This is a “normal” diet – not your usual behavior that is not good for your health, but you have the ability to make a choice.
Some people skip breakfast because they feel fat and believe that they are strong and they are in control. Therefore, they feel happy. Later, when they get hungry, they try not to eat, but when you can no longer resist the food, eat a meal and feel ‘bad’ because they have lost control and showed weakness. This is not a normal diet.
Both types of diets look very similar, but behind them are different opinions.
Payment diet that triggered this strange thinking called eating disorders and can be quite common.

What about diet?

Many people ‘go on a diet “to lose weight. Diets are so frequent that some people see it as a normal part of the diet. However, diet is not the best way to lose weight.

Sadness and failure
People often regain all the weight they lost as soon as you stop dieting, and sometimes become even more difficult than they were a child. This can cause feelings of sadness and failure.
For most young people’s diets do not last long and soon return to ‘normal’ diet. This type of diet is not a problem. But it should never be encouraged. It is better to encourage healthy eating and regular physical activity for long-term healthy weight.
For some vulnerable young people who feel anxious about their appearance and body, diet can be very dangerous. They may feel defeated if the diet is not successful. This can lead to serious problems with eating and increase the risk of developing an eating disorder.


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