12 Tricks That Every Woman Should Know

12 tricks that every woman should know is the following:

1. Tricks how to remove stains of sweat on clothing

Stains of sweat on clothing terribly irritating and can cause great discomfort among women with this problem. But there is a very easy solution – daily sanitary napkins. Every woman has them and benefit, now can be used for this purpose. Simply cut in half and stick the shirt in the area of the armpit. For stains is finally over!
2. Deodorant stains 

You have chosen the perfect combination of clothes to go out, you do great standing. Just right to get out of the apartment, you notice a stain on the shirt, which was formed probably due to contact with the deodorant. What to do and do not have time for changing clothes? Simply take wet wipes for babies and stains will disappear immediately.

3. Tricks how to prevent pulling jeans from deep boots

With each step, you draw the socks from his boot and it irritates you terribly. Do you remember holders for gloves on tongs, you held the gloves for a jacket or shirt that you do not lose? Use them to attach stockings around the foot, as shown in the picture and the problem disappears.
4. Screwing sleeve 

Screwing sleeve shirt sometimes can be quite inconvenient. Figure 2 from the gallery will help you to switch over to this problem.

5. Tricks how to repair a broken zipper

I keep slipping down, but we are jeans. Simply slide the metal circle of the key chain through the zipper and the problem is solved.

6. Rebellious collar 
You skipped collar shirt while you are ironed and now you do not mind. Use iron-dryer and iron a small part of this t-shirt.

7. Unpleasant smell of shoes 
If you have this problem, simply overnight put the tea bags in shoes or sneakers. Therefore, it is ready and fresh the next day.

8. Trickshot to remove yellow patches

One of the more common problems when it comes to white shirts are yellow stains of sweat. Before washing in the washing machine, spray the part lemon juice and stains will disappear.
9. Strapless bra that does not fit 
Wrap straps around, more precisely under the basket bra, so you would not be ranked.

10. Buttons that do not fall 

And this is one of the more common problems in both women and men. Lubricate the buttons on your shirt or T-shirt with a clear coat and in this way prevent their defection.

11. Waterproof shoes 

This is perhaps one of the best tricks that have ever imagined!
Take your favorite shoes. Therefore, preferably that of canvas or similar material, or can. Therefore, and good lubricate them with beeswax. Then dry it with the hairdryer. Therefore,  the job is done!

12. Slide any jeans in boots 
You can drag and widely socks in your favorite boots.


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