Diets In Accordance With Blood Type

You must have already heard that blood type affects what the diet and lifestyle should lead. It is known that they have been a popular food intolerance test done on the basis of blood counts – though not only blood but also many other factors.

Blood Type A, B, AB, O & Diet According To This Blood Groups

Initiators of this diet
One of the initiators of the idea of the diet according to blood group is Dr. Peter D’ A. who is also the creator of a diet  by blood group and author of the book, which has sold over 7 million copies!
Although many experts deny the connection between blood type, diet, and physical condition, said the number of sold copies of the book to propagate speaks for itself!
Refer to towards learning Dr. Peter should eat according to their blood type!

Theory of a diet by blood group claims that each person reacts differently to different foods and diet, which is closely associated with blood type in their possession. The creator of a diet claims that carbohydrate-binding proteins can react differently in relation to blood type. As he said this protein intake for people with certain blood groups can be very dangerous.
The key is real to discover what kind of food and the quantity best suited depending on whether you are A, B, AB or O group!

Blood type A

Before 20 thousand years ago when he began to develop agriculture and realized and other forms of food except for meat! Blood Group has experienced enormous transformation. Finally, the food that people with blood type A very pleasant. If you have this blood type does you like best vegetarian diet.
Recommended foods: whole grains, vegetables, berries, avocados, nectarines, figs, and apples. Allowed proteins are soy and nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts …)
Foods that should be reduced to a minimum: Any kind of meat, beans and dairy production. This does not mean you should completely remove the above-mentioned foods, but they should not form the basis of your diet.

Blood type B

People with this blood type are known as, nomads. Because they have a feature that is very easy to adjust the diet based on dairy products, and generally digestive system are the most versatile of all blood groups. For the first time, the B blood group emerged 10 thousand years ago.
Recommended foods: Green vegetables, fruits, grains, turkey, red meat, fish.
Foods that should minimize is the: seeds, peanuts, chicken, lentils, and corn. Do your best and avoid buckwheat.

Blood group AB

This blood type is actually oscillating between the previous two and makes their mixture. This is the newest blood type, which appeared only in the last 1000 years.
Recommended foods are tofu, turkey, seafood, and fish. In addition, vegetables, legumes, watermelon, figs, apples and bananas, and beans are a good choice.
Foods that should you minimize is the corn, red meat (because it causes heartburn), buckwheat. Be careful with the consumption of large amounts of alcohol and caffeine.

Blood group 0

This is the oldest blood type originated before 30,000. Request a diet rich in protein than any other blood group. People with zero blood type had a nickname, hunters “.
Recommended Foods: Seafood, red meat, poultry (chicken/turkey), as well as all other foods rich in protein. When it comes to vegetables recommended: spinach, kale, broccoli and seaweed.
Foods that should be reduced to a minimum: beans, dairy products and eggs, and grains.


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