Beverly Hills Diet – Revolution Of Weight Loss

Beverly Hills Diet It is yet another diet which is the basic rule of proper food combining. Although the original concept was that in its first 42 days almost starvation. Newer ‘version’ of this diet is supposedly a balanced nutrition. Alone diet, after some of its rules is similar to the last year, a very famous UN diet because of the concept diet¬†is designed so as not to combine different foods.


The rules of Beverly Hills diet

But instead of protein, carbohydrates and starch diets, Beverly Hills diet shared food protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fruit. According to this diet, the ideal diet is one in which not combine different foods and where / when to eat only fruit.
The day should begin with fruit in unlimited quantities under the condition that only eats one kind of fruit. After a meal of fruit is necessary to make a break-off, an hour. Then he can eat another meal filled with fruit or other foods. Then do not eat fruit.

Carbohydrates and proteins 
Carbohydrates should not be mixed with protein, a ‘protein’ meal must contain as much protein. Fats can be combined with protein, fruit juices and fruit wine, other alcoholic beverages with carbohydrates. Champagne is acceptable at every opportunity as a neutral food (?!).
In addition, after a meal of carbohydrates should be a break of three hours. Therefore, proteins are best for dinner because their digestion in our body takes a long time.
Diet is mostly reminiscent of the UN diet, with a combination of some years before the rules described in the book “Fit for Life”, Harvey Diamond, who was a pioneer in combining the proper foods.
His opinion about diet Beverly Hills said the experts. In short – diet works exclusively and solely due to decreased caloric intake.


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