Chocolate That Rejuvenates! Good News For Hedonists

Here comes the good news for hedonists. Scientists develop a special formula to healthy chocolate that prevents aging.

Healthy Chocolate Which Rejuvenates All Body And Skin!

Clinical trial about healthy chocolate

Thanks to the use of the same antioxidants that the body and feathers flamingos make pink. Scientists at Cambridge University have managed to significantly improve the quality of the skin of subjects who ate a special healthy chocolate.
Clinical trials have shown the following. The biomarkers in skin tissue fifties and sixty thanks to this delicacy able to return to the level characteristic of the twenty-something and thirty years old.
Volunteers who ate this healthy chocolate full with antioxidants have a better circulation. Therefore, after four weeks their circulation was significantly accelerated. What resulted calming inflammatory processes and increased blood flow to the tissue. Thus also prevents the formation of wrinkles.

However, some doctors are  great skeptics about this healthy chocolate

“It is certain that chocolate contains a substance that can effectively help in the fight against disease and aging. But we must not forget that eating large amounts of chocolate could lead to an increase in the number of calories. And therefore to obesity ‘. This warns doctors of the University of Glasgow. “Therefore, the researchers had to substantiate their claims additional evidence that will provide answers to a number of additional questions and concerns.”
Specialist nutrition University College in London, Dr. George Grimble added that previous studies have shown that the efficiency of slow antioxidant astaxanthin higher when applied directly to the skin. Therefore, but not when it participates in the process of digestion.

The box dosage of this healthy chocolate is for three weeks
“However, it should be good to know that astaxanthin does have antioxidant activity. Therefore and very few negative effects. So that the invention looks promising,” said Grimble. “However, it is too early to draw conclusions about the long-term effects.”

The box dosage of this healthy chocolate is for three weeks

As each chocolate bars contains 38 calories, experts believe that it is suitable for diabetics.
This chocolate, however, will not anytime soon appear on the shelves of supermarkets. The scientists plan further research to be truly convinced of the effectiveness of the formula. And its creators says that this healthy chocolate will be primarily for the elite of the population. Whose members describe as “elegant, educated and wealthy.”


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