Interesting Facts About The Connection Between Autism & Low-Carb Diet.

We all already know what is Autism, but probably most of us didn’t know these facts. In what way what we eat can help.

Autism & The BrainFood Cookbook by Angela Taylor

The BrainFood Cookbook contains 12 chapters of recipes used by author Angela Taylor to successfully recover her child from Autism. The recipes are gluten-free, and based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) / Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) / Paleo diet which has been embraced in the Autism community.

The BrainFood Cookbook explains the SCD/GAPS/Paleo diet in an easy and delicious way to inspire busy parents who are desperate to heal their children but may be daunted by learning a whole new way of cooking. The cookbook will appeal to inexperienced cooks, and to those who enjoy gourmet flavors. This book aims to demonstrate the power of food in changing lives like none other before it.


There is hope. You can start this today. You can recover your child if it has Autism!

At the 2010 Defeat Autism Now conference, the SCD / GAPS diet was listed as the #1 most effective non-drug intervention for autistic children.

The BrainFood Cookbook contains:

  • A brief but inspiring testimonial of how Taylor recovered her son from Autism using the GAPS diet
  • An outline of the basic principles (and the science behind) the GAPS diet
  • Real-life tips for making it work
  • 12 chapters of recipes, with a color photo of each recipe


I and many others believe that

ADD —> ADHD —> Asperger’s Syndrome —> Autism

are disorders which share a common etiology; therefore GAPS diet interventions may work to recover children diagnosed with these related disorders as well.

As the Greek physician Hippocrates said more than 2000 years ago:

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”

It is beyond doubt that food plays a very decisive role in the preservation of human health, but also in the development of diseases. Nutrition scientists are discussing vehemently which diet is the “right one”. Due to bio-individuality, one man’s food may be another man’s poison. In my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, I have learned about genetic and biochemical differences between individuals which result in the fact that one person tolerates well a particular foodstuff, whereas it causes problems for someone else.



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