The Basics of Paleo, LCHF and Gluten-Free! Is There a Connection?

There is a growing supply of various  Paleo, LCHF, and Gluten-free, products on the market. Due to the growing number of people trying to change their way of eating, try to discern what’s what and for whom.

Gluten-Free nutrition

What is commonly referred to as gluten-free diet is mainly directed to celiacs? But, given that a large number of people do not tolerate gluten, more and more people opt for gluten-free food because of health.

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We can find Gluten in cereals: wheat, rye, barley, spelled, Kamut, durum wheat, and, of course. Also in all products containing flour of these cereals such as Cous-Cous, bulgur, grizzly, bakery and Confectionery products, and a large number of industrial products. In fact, all grains, and all legumes contain a variety of difficult-to-digest proteins. We react to them if we are sensitive to gluten, or proteins that trigger the same processes in the body (inflammatory, immunological) as well as gluten.

Is there a connection between Paleo LCHF and Gluten-free nutrition?

Paleo nutrition

Paleo nutrition goes a step further. This nutrition throws out all the cereals (both gluten and gluten free and poultry) and all legumes.

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With a large number of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, as well as intestinal dysbiosis and permeability, a major problem may be another protein, and that is casein from dairy products. Therefore, dairy products are also thrown out of the Paleo diet. However, many followers of Paleo diet still use selected dairy products because of their exceptional nutritional value. These are butter and real full-fat quality cheeses, cream and fermented products derived from milk from grazing animals. Casein from sheep and goat milk (A2) is not as problematic as cow’s milk (A1). Of course, it is always the most important recommendation to listen to your body. Therefore, adjust your diet to your individual needs and health.

LCHF nutrition

When we talk about gluten, gluten-free and Paleo diet in the context of health, it does not have a direct connection to the story of carbohydrates. If you are intolerant to gluten and other hardly digestible proteins from cereals, legumes and dairy products, this does not mean that you are sensitive to carbohydrates. Well, gluten and Paleo diet do not necessarily have to be very strict low carb, although it can be, as it all depends on your needs.

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LCHF (Low carb high fat) is for people sensitive to carbohydrates. For those who have a higher body weight, type 2 diabetes, elevated blood sugar and increased insulin (insulin resistance). Here is the most important reduction in carbohydrate intake. For this reason, all cereals and all legumes are rejected. They are very rich in starch. Ejected and all kinds of sugar and all industrial products. But and even natural, healthy sources of sugar, such as fruits and honey. LCHF (less carbohydrate fat) means – when we reduce carbs intake, the calories from these carbs are compensated for by calories from increased fat intake.

Is there a connection between Paleo LCHF and Gluten-free nutrition?

The excessive intake of carbohydrates is not good for anyone. But also, not all people need to throw out carbohydrates from the diet very rigorously. Therefore, it is important to adjust the carbohydrate intake to your health, physical predispositions, and goals.


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